The Complete Retail Marketing Calendar for 2023 Steven P December 27, 2022
The Complete Retail Marketing Calendar for 2023
The Complete Retail Marketing Calendar for 2023

A good year or a difficult one can sometimes be determined by how well you prepare ahead when it comes to planning your retail calendar for 2023. Even while everyone understands the need of planning, it can occasionally be challenging to do so while still focusing on the present.


New Year’s Day

The Complete Retail Marketing Calendar for 2023

Despite what you may believe, gift cards are still burning a hole in people’s pockets after the shopping season has ended.

By incorporating a gift card advertising campaign on your Christmas sales in your retail calendar 2023 to generate traffic in November and December, you can entice consumers to come to your store in January. For instance, you might run a promotion on Black Friday where customers might receive a $10 gift card or shop credit with a $50 purchase. Make the free $10 card only good from January 1 to January 31 to motivate people to use it before it expires.


Chinese New Year

The Lunar New Year is observed by about 25% of the world’s population, or 1 in 4 people. The occasion falls on January 22 in 2023.  Red envelopes with financial gifts are customarily given and received as a symbol of luck and wealth for the upcoming year.

The cosmetics company Sephora is a fantastic marketing illustration of a Lunar New Year promotion. Stores distributed red envelopes to customers with a deal for possible purchases as part of the company’s red-themed advertising campaign.

Consumers had to spend at least $88 in order to be eligible for a red envelope, an allusion to the Chinese belief that the number 8 is auspicious.


March 1st

Feature the playful side of your business with a vibrant Mardi Gras marketing strategy. To draw attention to a deal, use vibrant colors in mass emails and store signs. Alternatively, go all out and hold a contest. For example, give one entry for each $50 a consumer spends toward a trip to New Orleans.

Presidents Day

This holiday, which is observed on the third Monday in February, might help you get out of holiday mode and get in the mood for spring as a whole. To make room for new products, you might host a straightforward sale to get rid of the remaining stock from the previous year.

International day of women

The celebration of women’s equality and global accomplishments on International Women’s Day. Celebrate this message if it’s significant to your brand. Share your experience, offer a cordial discount, or organize a fundraising effort to aid regional or global communities.


Easter Day

If you want to take it a step further, put together prepared baskets for clients to purchase at packaged price points or create a gift guide with your products for parents searching for Easter eggs for their children.

Earth Day

The Complete Retail Marketing Calendar for 2023

Show off your environmental dedication on Earth Day, which falls on April 22 this year. Matching donations to an environmental charity is possible, as is donating $1 from each transaction that day to a charity and letting your email list and social media followers know about it. Advertise it within the stores as well.


Mom’s Day

Because Mother’s Day is such a popular celebration, you should absolutely participate. Even if you don’t stock the conventional Mother’s Day presents (flowers, jewelry, etc.), attempt to create something and promote it especially.

You could also conduct a social media gift contest where participants must follow both of your accounts or collaborate with other nearby businesses to sell a gift basket to clients.

Veterans Day

Memorial Day, which is frequently seen as the beginning of summer, is a fantastic event to launch your summer-themed marketing initiatives. Displaying summer looks in-store and online for apparel retailers could suffice. Alternatively, you may start a campaign in memory of military personnel and veterans, with a portion of the proceeds going to a veterans’ charity.


Father’s Day

Although Father’s Day gift-giving has not been as expensive as Mother’s Day gift-giving, you should nonetheless include this holiday in your retail calendar for 2023. To make purchasing simple, send emails with Father’s Day gift suggestions or put up themed gift packages.


Independence Day

This is an excellent occasion to run promotions that benefit veteran charities. Or you could just run a Fourth of July or summer sale.


Back-to-school Weeks

You might wish to include back-to-school shopping on your small business’s marketing schedule. If you sell anything that families will need for the start of the school year, such as electronics, clothing, shoes, or office supplies, you should start promoting these products in August for the course of the month as parents get ready for their children to return in September


Day of Labor

In your retail calendar 2023, this marks the beginning of fall and the last chance to shop for school. Many people are switching out their summer clothes for sweaters, cozily decorating their homes, and planning their holiday entertaining and gift-giving. Your campaigns should center on these issues.



The Complete Retail Marketing Calendar for 2023

In your retail calendar 2023, Halloween is a fantastic small company event for retail marketing. Run a costume contest on social media (or in-store), or simply incorporate the eerie Halloween images into your marketing messages for that week.



Send a brief email to your clients to express your gratitude for their business and best wishes for a restful Christmas season. You can also make a suggestion about the nature of your Black Friday sale.



Even though Black Friday might well be passed, remember the last-minute consumers. The week before these significant holidays, launch a final Christmas present campaign.

New Year’s Eve

Create a campaign to express your gratitude to your customers for another successful year, or hold an after-Christmas sale to move inventory and make room for new items in January.

In conclusion, utilize every holiday or significant occasion as a chance to increase brand recognition and boost sales. Contact us to plan your marketing activities well in advance if you want to see results with your retail calendar 2023.

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