How you can take advantage of the shophouse modelLana DAugust 30, 2022
How you can take advantage of the shophouse model

A shophouse gives you the freedom to transform the spaces into restaurants, hotels, etc. What is it and how can you take advantage of the shophouse model? Keep reading for your best answer.

What is a shophouse?

A shophouse is not only an architectural icon but is also known as a 2- to a 3-level building where lower levels have stores and higher levels have residential apartments. Those living/ working in a shophouse appreciate the convenience of their services offered, from a shopping center to a printing store – all only a couple of steps away.

How you can take advantage of the shophouse model

Make it convenient

Should your workplace have ever been in an office tower in the central business district., you understand the amount of time taken to make a delivery and stuff. Also, based on your tower, you may have to wait in line for the elevator. Considering the long line and crowds, it likely takes longer to finish simple tasks than expected. But if you can rent a store in a lower story, the convenience becomes unmatched.

Work on architecture

As you can see, many people like taking selfies next to a shophouse. A few fashion brands prefer holding photo shoots whose backdrop is shophouses. To make good use of this model, you are recommended to upkeep your store there to perfect its visual appeal.

Use it if you want a consistent increase in property value

On the one hand, controlling external economic situations is impossible. But on the other hand, you can go with clever investments. For instance, the value of shophouses usually rises, even in a poor property market. Unlike other luxury stuff like costly vehicles, shophouses stay strong and increase value as time goes by. Especially in Singapore, there is not much of this kind of property, with just about 6,500, boosting its value.

Make use of the shophouse’s spacious feature

In comparison with some other properties, shophouses tend to be more spacious. Besides, their big, open space is great for investors to give them a makeover based on their specific demands. Though they may appear relatively small from the outside, how they look inside can impress many people. A shophouse usually extends far back, providing much storage or back-office space. This feature makes it stand out from many other commercial spaces.

Consider it a great investment opportunity

The shophouse sales have observed a stable rise even in unstable times. Another perk of investing in this type of property is that you are not limited to only a kind of property use. You can have the shophouse converted into a dining establishment, office space, hotel, rental and private residential places, and the list would go on. In addition, the capital growth and revenues related to rental purposes tend to increase more quickly than other commercial and residential types of properties.

In conclusion, we hope that you can get a better picture of how to take advantage of the shophouse model after reading this post. For any more questions and help, feel free to call us.

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