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7 Outstanding Retail Trends To Watch In 2021

After the bruising year of 2020, people are looking forward to 2021 as a year of rebuilding. And of course, a new year comes with new trends in the retail industry. By keeping an eye on existing trends, merchants can make knowledgeable predictions on what could happen in the next 12 months. The following are…

Stay relevant in retail in digital age

Stay relevant in the digital retail age

In response to our latest blog on retail trends 2019, we receive a lot of positive comments and ideas to contribute further on the topic. We all agree that there are a number of tools that retailers have at their disposal to keep them competitive, however some retailers may either be unaware of those tools,…

21 retail trends 2019 part 2

21 retail trends to watch out for in 2019 (part 2)

Before we continue, make sure you have checked the Part 1 to get the first 11 retail trends predicted to shape 2019 industry. At Part 1, we went through the necessary and transitory trends which all have high industry adoption. Let’s continue with experimental and threatening trends. Experimental trends Although spurring the media interest and proof-of-concepts,…

21 retail trends 2019

21 retail trends to watch out for in 2019 (part 1)

2019 has already knocked our front door. Now it’s time to put on the prognosticator head and forecast the retail trends that will shape the industry in the brand new year. There are a lot of articles talking about the retail trends 2019, but this one is different. By using  the NExTT framework by CB…

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