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Top 5 Payment Methods That POS Should Support

Payment processing is one of the most important tasks for any business. In present days, this task is often done with a POS system to ensure the systematicity and accuracy of transactions. Without a doubt, a POS system that accepts a variety of payment methods can make the checkout smoother. In this blog, we will…

split tender payment

Payment Methods In POS: Split Tender Payment

For quite some time now, omnichannel retail means that ‘buy from anywhere’ and ‘fulfill from anywhere’. And when customers get more and more demanding, omnichannel has no choice but to evolve with it. Businesses have to integrate different ways of payment, and one of the most common methods is split tender payment. Read until the…

layaway payment

Payment Methods In POS: Layaway Payment

The holiday seasons are usually a stressful time for businesses – no matter large or small. Stores crowded with customers trying to squeeze in last gifts before the D-day. And as retailers, it’s best for your brand to make the buying process easier for clients. Having a layaway payment option in the holidays is always…

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