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20+ stats about the power of omnichannel you might not know!

Omnichannel is taking over.  According to the research by Fluent on Marketing Land, 62% of consumers who engage with their favorite brands on 10 or more channels make weekly purchases. Time by time, the customer now is demanding higher personalized experience since they can interact with brands on multiple devices and channels. As a retailer,…

Stay relevant in retail in digital age

Stay relevant in the digital retail age

In response to our latest blog on retail trends 2019, we receive a lot of positive comments and ideas to contribute further on the topic. We all agree that there are a number of tools that retailers have at their disposal to keep them competitive, however some retailers may either be unaware of those tools,…

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Online Retail trends: 22 ecommerce predictions for 2019

Online retail is continuing to grow during the recent years as the result of incredible breakouts of modern technology. The evolutions of mobile devices, social networks, ecommerce platforms, etc. bring both advantages and challenges to retailers, who need to prepare carefully to adapt with changes and take the leads in the competitions. When the 2018…

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How to Implement Omnichannel Magento POS System

The reality of omnichannel journey with Magento POS The omnichannel retail system is now a must and shoppers are taking advantage of both online and in-person offerings, especially with the helping hand of Magento POS system. Brick-and-mortar retail is now an extended part of the online shopping experience, offering in-person experience and fulfillment services like…

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