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Shopify omnichannel shopping

6 New Features Support Shopify Omnichannel Shopping

Shopify is one of the leading platforms that has been supporting various omnichannel retailers worldwide. With the concern of problems arising during the covid 19 pandemics, Shopify has introduced several new omnichannel features and solutions to help retailers adapt to post-pandemic market demands. Here’s a quick rundown of each new solution: A better online shop…

Magento omnichannel shopping

How To Upgrade Your Magento Omnichannel Shopping?

In today’s market, omnichannel retailers are always required to make their most effort in the pursuit of creating a user-friendly and seamless online shopping experience. Many of them have chosen Magento as their partner in this demanding journey. The popularity of this eCommerce platform is attributed to a variety of Magento omnichannel shopping features that…

omnichannel shopping journey

6 Tips For A User-Friendly Omnichannel Shopping Journey

Being able to operate a profitable business requires a strong understanding of your target audience. Nowadays, shoppers engage brands on multiple platforms, often passing through various touchpoints before they decide to purchase. In today’s article, we would discover what an omnichannel shopping journey is and tips on how to create a more user-friendly one. Read…

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