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Best Shopify Loyalty Programs in 2021

Best Shopify Loyalty Programs in 2021

Rewarding points is a great method to gain customer loyalty. It is suggested that loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones, which is significantly beneficial to business owners. For Shopify users, the platform offers many great apps to help you facilitate your own rewarding programs for a higher customer retention rate. In the article…

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3 Must-Have POS Loyalty Programs for Your O2O Business

Recently, E-commerce has been developing and growing faster than ever, especially in the retail industry. The concept of O2O commerce has brought a new breeze to the field, making it easier for businesses to enhance their loyalty programs in Point of Sale (POS) and rocket sales revenue at the same time. As loyal customers are…

Best POS Supporting Loyalty Programs In 2020

Best POS Supporting Loyalty Programs In 2020

A business needs to make new customers for constantly increasing revenues and expanding their business. New customers can become permanent buyers or long-term clients. To seize every opportunity that a retailer has to attain a new customer, a lot of shops offer loyalty plans to boost its customer loyalty. The loyalty programs that come with many…

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Loyalty Programs In Online Shopping

If you run a retail business, you should definitely consider having a loyalty program for your customers. But is it really going to make a difference? And which type is the right one for your brand? Don’t worry. We’re here to discuss the 3 most popular kinds of loyalty programs and figure out what they…

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