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Cloud-Based POS or On-Premise POS: Which is better?

Before retailers acquire a POS system, you should already have the answer on whether on-premise or cloud-based POS is suitable. In fact, on-premise POS ruled the roost until recently, the web-based has become a “king” thanks to its versatility and convenience. However, that does not mean legacy POS systems are dead. Many POS vendors still…

How to open additional locations for retail brands?

5 Reports To Gauge Your Business Health

Retail businesses have been through the insanity in the last 12 months due to the significant impact of the COVID19 pandemic. At the end of the year, it is time to sit down and evaluate how well your business has performed through the crisis. However, it is not a simple task to gauge a business’s…

5 Tips For A Transparent Return and Exchange Policy

According to Statista, return deliveries are expected to cost 550 million US dollars by 2020 (correspondingly an increase of 75.2% from four years earlier). Various reasons can be listed out to explain why customers are not satisfied then end up giving items back. Despite this fact, businesses can take advantage of opportunities to increase customer…

A Point of Sale That Can Boost Your Bottom Line

A Point of Sale That Can Boost Your Bottom Line

At the most basic level, a point of sale (POS) system includes hardware and software that allows you to sell, accept payments, record those sales and payments, and refund in case it’s needed. But a right POS can do more than that. It can help you run your business better and grow it by allowing…

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