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Running Your Store Smoothly During Seasonal Sales With Omnichannel

How To Smoothly Run Your Store During Holiday Sales

Christmas and New Year Eve are on its way! This is the perfect timing for households to make their wish list come true with bargains from holiday sales.  According to a Harvard Business Review study, 73% of the customers use omnichannel while shopping. With the development of eCommerce platforms and customers’ willingness to buy, the…

How to Make A Successful Holiday Season with ConnectPOS

How to Make A Successful Holiday Season with ConnectPOS

The end of 2018 is coming near and it’s time you got serious about holiday preparation. Here’s how ConnectPOS can help make the most seamless and successful season holiday for you. Forecast your busiest times Reports can help you better prepare for the holidays, and ConnectPOS provides more than 20 types of reports, including basic…

Boost Holiday Sales with Holiday Gift Cards

Gift cards are the popular choice for holiday gifts as it requires little effort to give and assures happiness for the recipient. Gift cards also bring big benefits for business owners, as 81% of shoppers estimated that gift cards would comprise up to half of their holiday purchases. Furthermore, according to the survey by RGCA,…

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