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Have You Got These Omnichannel Features?

Omnichannel features are the key to winning customers as they expect a seamless shopping experience across all of a retailer’s online and in-store channels. The report ‘Omnichannel Retail Index’ conducted by the National Retail Foundation and FitForCommerce on 120 retailers across multiple categories found that while businesses continue to leverage their omnichannel capabilities, there’s still

magento 2 website and connectpos transform the sewing studio business

Customer Stories: The Sewing Studio

Started over 40 years ago in Cornwall, The Sewing Studio now is one of the largest sewing machines dealers in the United Kingdom, specializing in sewing machines, embroidery machines, sewing accessories and patchwork fabric. For The Sewing Studio, they focus on providing excellent services across all the sales channels, plus competitive price that can match