Covid 19

How Vape Industry After Covid-19 Has Changed?

The global pandemic has changed the world after just 1 year, and vape businesses are not the exception. Despite alerts…

7 months ago

How has fashion industry after COVID-19 changed?

After a year of pandemic, social distancing measures have required many fashion retailers to adapt to new changes. The fashion…

7 months ago

3 Tips To Optimize User-Generated Content During Covid 19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 lockdowns have stopped many traditional marketing efforts like banner or transit advertising from reaching their target customers. To…

7 months ago

Self-Service Trends Rise To The Top Under COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has left the entire world estranged; which leads to drastic changes in customer behaviour. To…

7 months ago

Will Virtual Workplace Forever Change The Ways We Go To Work Post-COVID?

Unlike storms, the pandemic doesn’t hit once and goes away. It lingers, leaving business leaders and employees uncertain about their…

8 months ago

How Restaurants Cope With The COVID-19 Impacts?

Restaurants in the world are slowly reopening after the shutdowns. Hence, they are looking for ways to cope with the…

8 months ago

What To Do When Your Employees Are Infected With COVID-19?

Sometimes, despite a person’s best efforts to protect themselves from exposure, your employee may fall ill due to COVID-19. As…

9 months ago

COVID-19 Impacts On Retail Market – Statistics Explained

2020 is such a truly memorable year for any business industry due to the great COVID-19 impacts. In an attempt…

10 months ago

7 ways to increase footfall to retail stores after COVID-19

If there is one thing we can learn from COVID 19, it’s: previous strategies and plans don’t work anymore. Therefore,…

1 year ago
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