Steal ideas from these 10 Halloween Graphics to make your website spooktacular this Halloween 2022 Steven P November 13, 2022
Steal ideas from these 10 Halloween Graphics to make your website spooktacular this Halloween 2022
Steal ideas from these 10 Halloween Graphics to make your website spooktacular this Halloween 2022

Are the concepts for your Halloween websites dated? We have your back. With real-world examples and website design inspiration, this article will delve into ideas for your customer communications that are special to  Halloween 2022.

Create a Nice Spooky Logo

Let’s start with your logo, which serves as the brand’s trademark. Start by daring to add spider webs, witch hats, or a terrifying pumpkin, depending on your personal preference, to give it a more spooky edge.

For a more Halloween-like appearance, you may also choose a frightening font for your website’s taglines and logo.

Combine Your Brand ID With Halloween Colors & Assets

Now is the time to choose the ideal orange color and include black and gray in your Halloween messages. Don’t allow this color combination to creep into your brand’s color scheme even though it is a semantic depiction of this festive season. Because it is easy to be hidden by Halloween related images and also confuse customers. 

Steal ideas from these 10 Halloween Graphics to make your website spooktacular this Halloween 2022

Make an enticing call-to-action

Consider starting your Halloween 2022 sales during the festivities with a transient incentive. This is a great step for shops to increase ROI over the Christmas season and draw more people to your online store, or “haunted house.”

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You should design a Call-to-Action button that will catch their attention if you want to persuade customers to take the following step.

Set up dreadful exit-intent popups

You might think about adding a wonderful eerie touch to your exit-intent popup windows. This is a great, stealthy concept for your Halloween 2022 website that will really benefit your users.

Develops sign-up forms

Once you’ve created your CTAs, be sure to offer your online membership from a comparable style. Branding requires consistency; without it, readers may become perplexed and may experience unexpected bounces for trivial causes.

Additionally, you’ll prolong the Halloween 2022 experience this way. So don’t be afraid to include witches and pumpkin carvings on your sign-up forms to increase conversions!

Make Halloween-specific content

The King of the Wizardry World is Halloween 2022 content! Create creepy-looking material and share it with your subscribers and website visitors if you want to succeed during this Halloween season.

You may produce an animated GIF of a Jack o’ Lantern, a guide for making inexpensive Halloween decorations, or an infographic with costume suggestions. So, if you want to win them all, you need to up your graphic design and content marketing game.

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Woo them with your website

One of your most distinctive brand assets is your website interface, which is why it occasionally needs some undusting.

Or how about dusting? Have a spider peeping out or leave a web at the corners! perhaps both. Try animated webs, spiders, ghosts on the loose, AND zombie hands all at once for the most intense effect.

Choose a stunning website background

Steal ideas from these 10 Halloween Graphics to make your website spooktacular this Halloween 2022

How about the setting? It takes a while to get things moving! Go to your dashboard in WordPress, Appearance > Themes, and select or upload your seasonal backdrop there. The majority of WordPress themes enable you to change the color scheme (click Appearance > Customize).

Launch a dedicated Halloween campaign

Announce a unique holiday promotion to draw in more consumers and provide them with the greatest possible Halloween 2022 experience. For eCommerce small businesses that sell related goods like Halloween décor or creepy Halloween presents, this is even more noteworthy.

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After choosing the kind of incentive you want to offer customers, you can launch a Halloween email campaign to increase website traffic. Don’t forget to include a killer subject line to increase open and conversion rates.

Add difficult social media icons

You may also spruce up any social networking buttons you’ve added to your website. Make them into ominous icons and let the rest of your website design flow around them.

They won’t frighten off your users, so trust us! In its place, they may even allow you to refocus your social media traffic and begin nurturing your audience through an omnichannel marketing approach.


So if you run an eCommerce business, include a Halloween 2022 theme in your website design to draw visitors in with the spookiest experiences possible.

We are always happy to help if you need assistance or have questions regarding ConnectPOS. For the greatest POS (Point-of-sale) for Halloween, get in touch with us right now.

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