Increase hotel occupancy rates with the best cross-selling technique Quinn T. April 28, 2022
Increase hotel occupancy rates with the best cross-selling technique

Cross-selling is a common term in sales at restaurants and hotels. It is applied in the process of consulting, introducing products and serving customers, helping to increase revenue if customers agree to use the service or purchase a product. In this article, we would like to provide information about cross-selling in hotel so you can have some techniques to help increase your hotel occupancy rates.

What is cross-selling? What services and products can be cross-sold in hotels?

Cross-selling is one of the most effective sales techniques that are popularly and successfully applied in the restaurant and hotel service business. Through this form, employees will introduce products and services related to the ones that customers have previously selected in order to promote the need to purchase additional products and services. This helps to improve the service quality, at the same time stimulates customers to spend more money, and increases revenue for restaurants and hotels.

In simple terms, cross-selling means selling more related products or services to customers. These products or services may be Food and Beverage; Wellness areas; Leisure activities; Transport facilities and so on.

How to cross-selling in hotels efficiently

Promote vouchers and gift cards

Cross-selling using vouchers and gift cards is the easiest and most effective technique. On special days or holidays, you can create special coupons that cater to these days and give your users unique experiences. Cross-selling in hotel by promoting offers and gift cards is not only a great way to market your additional hotel events, but also an effective cross-selling tactic. For example, for Valentine’s Day, there are many ways to offer different promotions at your hotel. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, special room service for two, or an accompanying gift of wine or chocolate, it also seems to be a great idea.

Cooperate with other businesses

Another effective way to do cross-selling in hotel is to collaborate with other businesses that provide the products or services that customers often ask for at the hotel such as food, drinks, entertainment services or transportation services. Your hotel’s core mission is to provide an unforgettable experience for guests, so you need to always respond to accompanying requests quickly to make customers feel quick and convenient. Your hotel can partner with local businesses and use it as an advantage to cross-sell a service or amenity. For example, your hotel could try pairing with local restaurants nearby, and you could offer guests food and drink deals including restaurant reservations.

Promote cross-selling through social media

Once you have a cross-selling hotel plan, you need to find the best approach to promote these programs and attract your target customers. Today, digital is everything, so you also need access to a lot of social media to be able to promote the programs you have to help you succeed in cross-selling.


Just like other sales techniques, to be successful, cross-selling also needs ingenuity and sophistication in the technique to bring the most success to your hotel. 

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