The #1 Shopify POS For Toys and Gifts Outlets

The greatest mission of ConnectPOS is to significantly boost your Shopify toy store performance

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Shopify POS For Toys and Gifts Outlets

What makes Connect POS perfect for your toyworld

Shopify POS For Toys and Gifts Outlets

Closely monitor every changes in your warehouse and handle inventory problems

  • Accept online orders even when the required items are not available in your physical toy stores.
  • Report every inventory trend by closely monitoring stock numbers at every time period.
  • Check and move inventory between Shopify store and warehouse locations.
Shopify POS For Toys and Gifts Outlets

Satisfy customer expectations with excellent services

  • Speed up and simplify the checkout process with 3 simple steps: Add to cart, select payment methods and click Complete.
  • Flexibly offer customers up to 20 payment options including cash, award point, and third party payment methods without any extra fee required.
  • Minimize in store buyers waiting time during festive seasons by providing them self-service checkout within the PWA Customer App.
Shopify POS For Toys and Gifts Outlets

Keep up with high retail demand in the toy industry

  • Streamline sales process by constantly updating sales and inventory data even in offline mode.
  • Provide more than 20 valuable reports on every business aspect based on available databases.

Make the most of your Shopify toys and gifts shops with our robust Point-of-sale

No extra fee

Directly pay to payment method providers without extra transaction fees

Custom sales

Create orders for unavailable items in stores.


Make the system best fit in with your business

3 step checkout

Simplify and speed up checkout process

20+ insightful reports

Generate more than 20+ reported based on available data

24/7 free support

Always here at your service

Create your own chance with this excellent Shopify POS for Toys and Gifts solution!

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