A Powerful Shopify POS For Office Supply Stores

ConnectPOS provides you with the best features that greatly enhance your Shopify stationery performance

How ConnectPOS can level up your stationery shops
Significantly increase your profit with higher conversion rates
  • Support staff to add unavailable office products to customer online carts.
  • Assist office suppliers in raising conversion rate by sending quotations to their potential customers.
  • Easily apply promo codes in both online and offline office supply stores to create customer loyalty.
Produce positive impacts on the overall customer experience
  • Offer shoppers with up to 20 payment options from cash to card without paying any extra transaction fees.
  • Develop a rapid and convenient shopping experience with PWA Consumer App.
  • Provide consumers a second screen in every checkout counter and let them monitor office products in their carts.
Master your operational efficiency and flexibility
  • Create and adjust print receipt based on particular requirements.
  • Automatically gather business data and produce more than 20 insightful reports.
Create a brighter future for your office materials shop

Save and send quotation to customers for later purchases

Customer Loyalty

Apply special programs on particular products or shopping carts in both online and offline stores


Reduce queuing and waiting time with faster checkout

Second Screen

Allow customers to monitor their purchased items

Multiple Payment Options

Integrate with up to 20 payment gateways without any extra transaction fees

24/7 Free Support

Contact us whenever you have any problems with you system

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