An Excellent Shopify POS System For Restaurants

Whether you are running a restaurant, food truck, bakery, or coffee shop, ConnectPOS provides the leading point-of-sale solutions for you

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Provide an enjoyable eating-out experience for your customers

  • Put an end to long waiting times. Serve your dishes on time by adding order numbers and process on-hold orders.
  • Prepare deliveries more professionally, by monitoring shipping information with ConnectPOS.
  • Let customers earn reward points and receive personalized recommendations, thanks to the purchase history saved in the POS system.
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Offer flexible and secure payment process

  • Accept various payment options, ranging from cash, credit/debit cards to split tenders.
  • ConnectPOS charges no additional fee for third-party payments. You only pay directly to third-party providers.
  • Integrate with secure payment gateways, such as PayPal or Moneris.
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Prepare the freshest ingredients and avoid sold-out dishes

  • Receive instant updates about inventory across different locations with real-time synchronization. Re-stock ingredients timely to serve what your customers want.
  • Gain better control over your inventory to avoid dead stocks. Ensure that ingredients are new, fresh, and non-toxic.

What makes ConnectPOS stand out?

Real-Time Synchronization

Stay updated about your inventory level across different locations

Curbside Pickups

Buy food online and pick them up in store

Customizable Options

Select the most suitable tools and layout for your business

24/7 Free Support

Without additional charge

Inventory Management

Process ingredients timely and avoid dead stocks

No Additional Fee Required

Only pay directly to third-party providers

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What does our Shopify client say about us?

This App is great. I had fun using it. It's really easy to use. Outstanding customer support. Totally recommended! The customer support has been helpful since we started this venture. It suits my demands.

Restaurant - Cameroon
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