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Shopify pos pricing 2023: Which POS is most suitable for multi store chains?

Shopify pos pricing 2023: Which POS is most suitable for multi store chains?

Shopify is not only a popular eCommerce website builder, but it also allows business owners to access customer profiles, manage inventory, and process payments in the real world with the system POS (point of sale). The platform has had a price swing in recent years for users of its service plans. In this article, we would like to provide detailed information about Shopify POS pricing 2023 and find out which POS is most suitable for multi-store chains.

Overview of Shopify POS pricing 2023

Shopify POS pricing refers to the cost that users pay for Shopify’s POS software. Usually, this cost will be paid monthly by the provider offering monthly service packages. However, users can completely pay annually if they can agree with the provider’s terms and conditions.

Shopify POS pricing 2023 is the pricing of the latest POS service plans. It has certain cost changes and features that come with each package. For Shopify POS pricing 2023, what businesses are always interested in is the cost of the software system. This Shopify software offers two packages, Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro. While all Shopify pricing plans come with Shopify POS Lite pre-installed, if you opt for Shopify POS Pro pricing, the retailer will have to pay an additional $89/month per location. However, this option is freely available to all users in the most premium plan, which is Shopify Plus. Before using Shopify POS, you must have a Shopify eCommerce subscription with the following services: Shopify Lite, Shopify Basic, Shopify, or Advanced Shopify. In addition, Shopify payment processing costs and hardware costs also play a significant part in the pricing of this Shopify platform.

Changes of the Shopify POS pricing 2023

Shopify POS pricing 2023 has changed in cost with each service package. Specifically, the current Basic package is $25 per month compared to the old price of $29. The regular Shopify plan that was previously priced at $79/month is now offered at $65. However, with the Shopify Advanced plan, the price has been increased from $299 a month to $399. In addition, Shopify now also supports a 3-month trial for $1/month if your company buys a package of its services. This change probably comes from Shopify’s desire for better support and user needs. In particular, each service package provided will include different features and benefits, so this adjustment will make it easier for firms or brands to choose.

Shopify POS plan: Which POS is most suitable for multi-store chains?

To find out which POS is best suited for a multi-store chain. Business users need to carefully research the features that each package offers. If your store is just a small store that needs little eCommerce functionality, then the Basic plan is suitable. Other enterprises in the SME segment (small and medium-sized enterprises), they may consider the regular Shopify package to meet more complete commercial needs. Chain stores that only sell a single product or service can consider using this package. Moreover, with multi-store chains selling many items and a variety of services and wishing to expand further, the Advanced package will be the best choice. 

Shopify POS offers powerful features for business owners. Customizing the app’s smart grid interface, checking in customers on the go, offering custom discounts, and sending digital receipts is all done with ease. Users can add and categorize an unlimited number of products, track inventory, and sync orders between retail locations, online stores, and other sales channels. Additionally, they can also use Shopify POS to create email and social media marketing campaigns, develop loyalty programs, and generate reports from online and in-person sales.


The change in Shopify POS pricing 2023 helps eCommerce businesses choose the right service for their store chain at the right price. Contact us if you are in need of a seamless connection with Shopify.

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