The #1 Shopify POS In Canada

ConnectPOS ensures Canadian retailers maintain the proper stock levels at the right time to enhance customer satisfaction
Why should retailers in Canada use ConnectPOS?
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Guarantee a streamlined process in every store across Canada
  • Closely monitor omnichannel inventory and sales process by constantly updating every change in terms of products, orders, tax rate, etc between Admin and POS system.
  • Fulfill orders with items from multiple stores and warehouses across Canada in one sales order.
  • Automate fulfillment of orders and speed up the sales process in your stores with Auto fulfillment.
Support Canadians to complete their transactions in your stores
  • Enable Canadian consumers to separate their total bill into several payments and use different gateways to complete their transactions.
  • Integrate directly with up to 20 most secured and well-known third-party payment providers in Canada with no transaction fee required.
  • Reduce waiting and checkout time by the ability to record customers and products in offline mode.
Manage every aspect of day-to-day business in Canada effectively
  • Create personalized receipts for each transaction or Canadian buyers to strengthen customer relationships.
  • Better engagement with Canadian consumers from multiple channels
A feature-rich Shopify POS in Canada
Real-time Synchronization

Update every change in stores and warehouses in real time

Auto Fulfillment

Automatically fulfil orders to speed up sales process

Multiple Payment Methods

Directly integrate with up to 20 payment gateways with no transaction fee

Partial Payment

Enable customers to separate total purchase amount into more than one payment


Create receipt template for particular purposes of customers

24/7 Free Support

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