An Outstanding Shopify POS In the Mexican Market

Being one of the most feature rich POS system in the global market, ConnectPOS enables Shopify retailers to vigorously grow their Shopify business in Mexico

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Shopify POS for Mexican retailers

How ConnectPOS enhance your Shopify business in Mexico

Shopify POS for clothing stores in Mexican

Improve sales effectiveness by smoothen and automate sales and inventory management processes

  • Ensure all business data related to sales, inventory and customers in Mexico synchronized in real time between Shopify Admin and the POS system.
  • Increase conversion rate and boost sales by sending sales quotations to Mexican customers when their orders are uncompleted.
  • Automatically fulfil online orders right after receiving them with Auto Fulfilment in order to avoid losing sales.
Shopify POS for superstores in Mexico

Go beyond customer expectations by providing diverse shopping experiences that greatly solve their problems

  • Enable Mexican customers to choose the best convenient shopping option such as buy online, pay in stores or deliver online orders, etc.
  • Integrate with the majority of highly secured third party payment providers in Mexico without any extra fee to build trust and loyalty among shoppers.
  • Enhance shopping experience with wireless screens in every checkout stage which help customers to review their products before completing transactions.
Shopify POS for beverage stores in Mexico

Be able to rapidly change and adapt with constantly changing Mexican retail industry

  • Compatible with every computer device (PC, smartphones, tablets,etc) and other sort of point of sale hardware developed by different vendors.
  • Flexibly adjust tax rate based on value of orders or changes in business law of Mexico.

ConnectPOS offers Shopify retailers a powerful set of feature to strongly develop in Mexico

Real Time Sync

Constantly update orders, products and stock issues into POS system

Sales Quotation

Send quotation for customers when their orders have not been completed

Auto Fulfillment

Automatically fulfil orders right after they are recorded by the systems

Multiple payment methods

Directly integrate with the majority of popular and convenient third party payment


Add and adjust tax rates based on particular orders or local law

24/7 Free Support

Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance

Become the leader of the Mexican market with our ConnectPOS

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