The Perfect Shopify POS For Fitness

Discover how ConnectPOS can grow your fitness company and strengthen the health of your customers
A powerful Shopify point-of-sale system for gym stores
Provide special care for your customers’ fitness experience
  • Help customers explore fitness equipment or products more easily with PWA Consumer App. Send in-app recommendations to PWA users based on their behaviors.
  • Have real-time synchronization to monitor different locations and warehouses, without any delays in information processing. Stay up-to-date about the number of available items to inform customers.
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Manage fitness activities in a systematic way
  • Treat loyal clients better with your chosen reward points system. Accompany them throughout their fitness journey with special discounts or gift cards.
  • Monitor your different store locations within an all-in-one POS system. Make sure fitness equipment and products are consistent across multiple selling places.
Have various integrations to choose from
  • Compatible with various devices, including PC, mobile phones, and tablets. Allow gym store owners to choose their most preferable devices for their fitness POS.
  • Integrate multiple payment options, such as cash, credit/debit cards, split tenders, etc. 
  • Require no additional fee per transaction when using third-party payments. Only pay directly to the third-party companies.
What’s special in our Shopify fitness POS?
Real-time Synchronization

Receive immediate inventory changes in one of your fitness store locations


Let fitness businesses develop their own point-of-sale on Shopify

Compatibility With Multiple Devices

Work on different devices, including both PCs and portable appliances

24/7 Free Support

Receive free-of-charge full-time support

No Extra Fee Required

Only pay directly to third-party providers

Multiple Payment Options

Offer great flexibility in choosing a payment type

It’s time to grow your fitness business on Shopify. Start a free trial or contact us for customizable options