Reinforce digital trust: More than cyberattack prevention Lana D May 19, 2022
Reinforce digital trust: More than cyberattack prevention

In this day where the Internet is massively popular, the importance of digital trust is undeniable. The rise in malware, data leaks, security breaches, and a lot more urges companies to take active security measures. In this guide, we will define the exact meaning of digital trust and walk you through the best ways to reinforce digital trust – more than cyber attack prevention

What is digital trust?

In essence, digital trust is the confidence users have in accessing an online privacy environment provided by people, procedures, plus technologies. An organization is deemed reliable when it manages to prove the safety of its devices and products, follows security guidelines like GDPR, and takes care of its data ethically. 

How to reinforce digital trust

Seek help from security experts

Those who plan to kick off a project on digital transformation should seek help from security experts. These professionals will help you execute safe storage of data, avoid malicious attacks, and handle vulnerabilities connected with security. They can select the most suitable technologies, develop security-priority approaches, and the list goes on. According to a study that interviewed thousands of global business leaders, more than 90% of the digital transformation process at the enterprise level sees the involvement of security experts as stakeholders. 

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Use modern technologies

Nowadays, there are many useful hardware and software tools for your company to protect data (external or internal). Machine learning, AI, and other digital trust innovations are great for the optimal security level. For instance, machine learning works to identify suspicious activities and stop malicious attacks right away. 

Ensure compliance

You need to know about security guidelines, gear up, keep updated about them, and make sure to comply with the applicable regulations. European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) is a well-known example. It involves stern regulations for gathering and processing data of users and imposes heavy fines (as many as 20 million euros) for those who violate them. 

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Build a qualified team

You should create a team of trained and experienced security specialists. They will help you optimize the security risk control within your organization. Some main positions include chief officer on data security, chief officer on risks, and chief officer on privacy.

Run a security training workshop

It is important to improve awareness and obligation over data security. If you train your staff appropriately, the number of errors will be most likely to decrease considerably. That is why we recommend holding an HR training workshop or extensive programs about privacy policies and the most applaudable practices on security. 

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Ensure cyber resilience

To do that, you need to test how secure your products or network is. In addition, turn to technologies. You should integrate them into the system and have them continuously keep track of your products or network for any suspicious activity and vulnerability. Such actions will assist your firm in reinforcing digital trust.

In conclusion, we hope the guide above helps you to reinforce digital trust. To learn more about this topic, contact us.

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