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POS Review: ConnectPOS Vs. Heartland POS

The covid 19 situations in many parts of the world has been improving and the retail industry has also been recovering. It is time to increase your market size with an effective business strategy and a robust POS system. Yet, have you found a suitable POS for your stores? Don’t worry, our POS review will help you analyze and compare POS together. The two POS for today’s article is ConnectPOS and Heartland. 


Heartland POS is a product of Heartland Retail (formerly known as Springboard Retail) – an expert in providing retail management solutions in the market. This company is well-known for bringing end-to-end solutions that can fulfill all business needs. The POS system developed by this company is one of the most powerful POS solutions with a wide range of helpful features.

ConnectPOS is a product of ConnectRetail and was first introduced in 2011. Until now, ConnectPOS has been developed as a multi-platform POS solution for omnichannel retail businesses. With several omnichannel features, this POS can support retail businesses to optimize every sales channel.

ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail
ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail


Both ConnectPOS and Heartland are fully compatible with any computing devices, browsers, and operating systems including PC, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, etc. Also, they can integrate with huge retail platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and BigComemrce and support stores built on these platforms.

In addition to the retail platform, ConnectPOS can also integrate with NetSuite to create an advanced system that provides retailers an overview of their business.


Multiple payment methods

Heartland POS is a fully integrated credit card processor. This POS also allows retailers to create and promote special price programs such as coupons or promo codes as well as customize payment types flexibly. However, Heartland encounters a small problem when recognizing gift cards.

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Meanwhile, ConnectPOS can not only enable retailers to create discounts or gift cards, but also provide other payment options such as layaway or parietal payment. In practice, ConnectPOS enables retailers to directly integrate with major secured and popular payment gateways worldwide such as PayPal or ApplePay without any extra transaction fees.

Business reports

Both ConnectPOS and Heartland POS can produce daily report summaries based on real-time sales data. Based on insightful reports, retailers can timely solve possible problems and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, since ConnectPOS is able to update and synchronize all business data in real-time, the solution can assure you get the latest reports on every aspect of your business.

Heartland POS by Heartland Retail
Heartland POS by Heartland Retail

Multiple store management

Heartland is designed with tools that keep your stores updating stock levels and timely solve inventory issues. As a result, you can avoid common stock issues such as understock or overstock.

With ConnectPOS, you can even more closely monitor your inventory across every store and warehouse. To illustrate, ConnectPOS enables you to create orders with products from different stores and warehouses or even with products that have not arrived in stores. 


As you can see, both ConnectPOS and Heartland POS have their own pros and cons. And each of them is suited for different business requirements. Hence, when choosing a POS for your stores, make sure that it can greatly fulfill your needs. For any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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