POS review 101: ConnectPOS vs Vend Steven P November 7, 2022
POS review 101: ConnectPOS vs Vend
POS review 101: ConnectPOS vs Vend

In order for your business to grow more and more, choosing the right point of sale system is an important decision that retailers must notice. A suitable system will help businesses save costs and operate business activities easily, serving for future expansion. Nowadays, there are many popular point-of-sale systems, however, if you are a newbie, it will be challenging to choose the right system for your business. In the article below, we would like to make a comparison of the two most popular – ConnectPOS vs Vend, making it easy for you to make a decision.

Overview of ConnectPOS vs Vend

POS review 101: ConnectPOS vs Vend

ConnectPOS is a complete point-of-sale system with everything a retailer needs. It includes a single unified system, inventory management, and integration with eCommerce platforms. It is a system that is both easy to scale and economical for enterprises looking for a solution that fits their goal. This is also a reasonable option that small and medium-sized businesses can consider using.

Vend is a POS and inventory management system for small and medium businesses. Vend offers many extended features along with its point-of-sale features. Retailers have access to inventory management tools that sync with their online stores. This solution is suitable for mobile POS and integrates with a large number of third-party payment processors.

POS review 101: ConnectPOS vs Vend

Similarities between ConnectPOS vs Vend

POS solution

ConnectPOS and Vend first share some similarities in their point-of-sale features. The POS solution of both two systems primarily aids cash management by storing and recording money changes and processing cash withdrawals with ease. This feature helps to reduce errors, theft, and arbitrage.

One feature that these two POS systems also share is the receipt feature. This feature allows them to print receipts with logos and customize receipts according to the retailer’s needs. In addition, the store credits feature of ConnectPOS and Vend allows customers to save excess money for purchases, helping the store retain customers longer.

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POS review 101: ConnectPOS vs Vend

Regarding eCommerce features, both ConnectPOS and Vend support integration on famous platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify platforms. In addition, the e-commerce features of both systems support online stores and synchronize data across platforms to help retail businesses efficiently manage business activities. However, ConnectPOS can support standalone POS systems for retailers who refuse to use any eCommerce platform.


ConnectPOS support inventory features

Regarding inventory features, ConnectPOS and Vend systems both help businesses control inventory and support real-time inventory updates. This helps businesses and enterprises reduce circulation costs and ensure continuous and stable production and supply of goods.

Differences between ConnectPOS vs Vend

POS review 101: ConnectPOS vs Vend
Vend support inventory features

In terms of the salient features of ConnectPOS and Vend, each system has features that set them apart.


First of all, ConnectPOS provides the basic features of a point-of-sale system. But most notably, ConnectPOS’s most vital feature for users is Centralized data and Customization. ConnectPOS’ centralized data feature helps retailers synchronize data in real time across multiple sales touchpoints. This feature helps to update and centralize all enterprise data on one platform, which supports optimized administration. Along with this feature, a native solution of ConnectPOS – Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) will manage all inventory information from multiple warehouses. This is a convenient feature for today’s businesses moving towards omnichannel and expanding retail chains with numerous stores.

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POS review 101: ConnectPOS vs Vend

Moreover, Customization is an enhanced benefit of ConnectPOS that is appreciated over other competitors in the same industry. This advanced feature has powerful on-demand integration capabilities and is easily tailored to the needs of each business. With this feature, businesses can completely personalize the point-of-sale system to suit their business needs. In addition, ConnectPOS can easily adapt to the customer’s existing system and also support customers to connect with other 3rd parties such as Paypal payment gateway, Xero or Sage Intacct accounting software, ERP or CRM according to customer requirements.


Meanwhile, Vend’s standout feature is best known for managing inventory across multiple outlet stores with a centralized product catalog. With a list of dozens of suppliers and each supplier has its own ordering process,  Vend will make inventory storage and memory easier by serving as a central, cloud-based catalog. One standout feature in inventory management is Mundane automation, which allows you to set up reorder points to automatically fill orders when you reach a certain level, helping to ensure that your customers don’t leave your store empty-handed.

POS review 101: ConnectPOS vs Vend

In addition, the front and back office is one of the key features of Vend, which is a combination of POS applications and powerful back-office administration tools for retailers of all sizes. The back-office feature helps Vend become more comprehensive, supporting businesses in operations management.

Pricing plan and customer support 

Pricing plan 

When it comes to pricing, it can be seen that ConnectPOS is more affordable than Vend. The monthly price of a basic plan in Vend starts at $99, while with ConnectPOS the price of a standard plan starts at just $39 and you can try it for free for 14 days.

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POS review 101: ConnectPOS vs Vend
Pricing plan of Vend

Customer support 

When it comes to customer support, ConnectPOS is more appreciated for its willingness to work with customers and find solutions to customer problems. ConnectPOS also assists with any repair requests, providing 24/7 customer service with a chat desk and WhatsApp group to help users get instant support. Vend also provides customer support when required, but this is often not quick and customers have to wait.

Choosing between ConnectPOS vs Vend

Choosing the right point of sale system is one of the important decisions of a business enterprise. If businesses can clearly understand their needs and understand a supplier, they will choose the best POS system.

POS review 101: ConnectPOS vs Vend

To choose the most suitable POS system between ConnectPOS vs Vend, retailers should consider based on their own goals and on the target market that the two systems aim at. If your business is a regular small business, then Vend will be right for you, but if you are a business that wants to scale quickly, then you should choose ConnectPOS because this system targets a wider market of retail, fast service as well as hospitality and can help businesses customize the system to suit the requirements for each stage of development.


ConnectPOS and Vend have some things in common. However, with a closer look, each solution has its own advantages for each business type. If you are looking for a solution to run your business more efficiently and increase revenue, contact us.

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