POS comparison: Which is the best for each business? Huong Vu October 14, 2023

POS comparison: Which is the best for each business?

POS comparison: Which is the best for each business?

Technology is increasingly developing, especially the introduction of POS systems, which brings many benefits to business enterprises. However, choosing a system suitable for the type and size of business is not easy. In this article, we aim to provide information about POS comparison and help you find out which system is the best for each business.

How to make a POS comparison?

Comparing and choosing the right POS system is very important. To do this, businesses need to first understand their scale to move towards a POS model with the right service package. Besides, to make a POS comparison, businesses need to know what their needs are and the main business challenges they face. Most businesses aspire to grow so often one-size-fits-all solutions are not a native fit solution for all environments. Choosing a basic POS system to fit business needs and then adding features that grow is the preferred approach for business owners as they scale.

POS comparison: Which is the best for each business?

POS for enterprise

Enterprise PoS systems refer to tools that make it possible for large companies to process payments and track purchases. More specifically, the business mentioned here is one that has a total revenue of over US$1 billion per year

Most POS systems for enterprises have artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, so they can go beyond simple payment processing tasks. These enterprises can significantly benefit from such solutions, as these help them make sense of the big data that comes through sales transactions. However, with a POS system for enterprises, they need to pay attention to the cash registers at local stores because it is a device that participates in one of the most important stages of the buying journey.

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ConnectPOS is a great POS system for enterprises. This system provides enterprises with powerful reporting and management features that help them easily track business activities throughout the system and ensure business benefits.


SME business managers usually take care of most of the work from the CEO to the Sales Manager, so they often have very little time to evaluate and optimize. A POS for an SME system often requires automation of accounting, payroll, inventory management, and timesheets to assist managers with time to focus on the business at a low price. In addition, when POS comparison for SMEs, these systems need to support sales performance evaluation to help businesses save time. Along with that, the requirement to have real-time access to all online payment transactions and pay via POS helps SMEs to monitor and inform future decisions so you can maximize their profits and reduce costs.

POS for restaurant

POS systems for restaurants need to focus more on sales tracking, inventory management, table management and reporting. A good restaurant POS system can generate more profits for the restaurant. To choose a restaurant POS system, consider price, ease of use, features, customer satisfaction, and third-party integrations.

POS for multinational business

Multinational business often has business activities that extend internationally. Therefore, POS systems for multinational business need tools that can make this new phase of operations smoother, especially when you’re looking to navigate credit card processing and customer data with customer trends and sentiments. A suitable POS system must meet the language needs of the host country, meet local financial regulations, integrate with local payment service providers, and keep secure customer data globally.

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To make a POS comparison, most businesses need to focus on their size and business goals to compare and choose the best system for them. If your enterprises are looking for a powerful and suitable POS solution for all sizes, contact us.

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