7+ pop up shop design ideas to stand out from the crowd Lana D August 21, 2022
7+ pop up shop design ideas to stand out from the crowd

How can you charm shoppers into visiting your shop? One of the best ways is to perfect your pop up shop design. Check out these 7+ design ideas to stand out from the crowd.

Adorable and sweet

Should you desire your store to look sweet, we recommend incorporating elements that radiate the sweet vibes. Pastel colors can also remind customers of such cuteness. 

For instance, showcasing your items on cake stands, etc. to mimic the look of a cake party can increase its visual appeal compared to just displaying them on a plain table.

Ethereal pop up shop design

Another idea to stand out from the crowd is honoring the theme spirit and complementing it. 

For example, should you mean to set up your store at a Christmas market, it is great to make it look as if Santa Claus was the person to open the store on his own. 


An important step in figuring out the best way of doing a pop-up store is understanding how to draw in shoppers and have them engaged. When including an interactive element in the pop up shop design, you give shoppers more reason to visit aside from taking a look at your products.

For instance, you can leverage relatively reasonably priced interactive elements such as a photo booth.

Classic pop up shop design

Even if you go with the classic, conventional designs, it is still possible for you to stand out from the crowd. The key is maintaining the good quality of everything. 

For example, make an intuitive sign well written on your chalkboard. Else, use Canva to create your designs.


With this, you can let your creativity fly and involve shoppers in exploring your shop without a particular path they need to follow. But on the other hand, this design does not mean to come with no rules. You should think about your consumers’ needs and behaviors when drawing up a display plan for your products. Also, do not forget to spare the left space to set up your checkout counter.


This pop up shop design offers a path starting at the entrance and looping through the shop. We suggest leveraging wall space to showcase artistic style.  In the middle, you can display your goods. 


Often used when your shop is less sizable but has many products. This design comprises aisles alongside the right and left walls. The middle of the store is an open space.


You can transform the details such as lightning into distinctive pop up shop design. For example, make use of old buckets for unique lighting. 

In conclusion, pop-up stores are a good way of doing business. Similar to other types of shops, you need a good plan to stand out from the crowd. Do not be a plain store that you can find anywhere. Refer to the 7+ pop up shop design ideas mentioned above to take your establishment to the next level. For more information and support on running a great pop-up store, call us!

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