How to create an attractive pop up architecture?Lana DAugust 16, 2022
How to create an attractive pop up architecture?

Pop up architecture refers to setting up your store in a fashion that enables the equation of the whole structure, for example, the merchandise setup and the store layout. Crucially, you do not allow any detail to get unnoticed as the shop design is significant to its success. It plays into the entire great customer experience you want to deliver. Keep reading to find out how to create attractive architecture for this type of store.

Build an Appropriate Design Strategy for Your Pop up Architecture

By strategy, we mean your general grasp of what you are attempting to attain and the way the design elements take a role in doing so. You need to consider your brand guidelines and your pop-up store’s objectives.

One thing to note is that you advisably develop your design strategy not too late because it would affect a couple of the initial decisions like the location. For example, let’s say you prefer industrial pop up architecture. Then, a location with many options for industrial design may be good to go. Ultimately, you can see to it that you are creating an unforgettable, cohesive, and engaging experience.

Consider the Decompression Zone When Creating Pop up Architecture

Based on the size of your store space, the 1st 5-to-15 feet is referred to as the “decompression zone.” Here, shoppers move to be inside your store, all from outside. Since items showcased in this zone might go unnoticed, your best bet is making it free of products or promotions you genuinely desire shoppers to pay attention to.

Consider the ‘Turn Right’ Habit

We hope you know that over 89% of shoppers go right then and there when visiting a shop. Thus, importantly, that impactful area highlights seasonal or new items and promotions. Its visual appeal should be good as well because it will help charm customers to interact with your store and leave a long, positive impression on them.

Consider the shopper’s next move

Never forget to consider the shopper’s next move and have a master plan about your pop up architecture (i.e., deciding where is the best to put your most appealing displays. In this way, you can manage the shopper’s path flow all over your store). For example, build visual breaks to tempt shoppers with your merchandise.

Consider Popular Retail Store Layouts

There are popular store layouts that you should think about when you are devising your store’s floor plan. For instance, the free flow layout gives room for you to unleash your creativity and motivate shoppers to travel around without pulling them in a particular direction. But on the other hand, just as there is not a specific pattern in the pop up architecture does not mean that it has no rule. Significantly, you think about your target audience’s behaviors and demands when building the layout.

In conclusion, pop-up stores focus on the experience. That is why you need to have a good idea of how to create an attractive pop up architecture. Read the guide above and remember to call us for further support.

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