Optimize inventory management system with QR code Quinn T. May 3, 2022
Optimize inventory management system with QR code

QR code inventory management is a smart, modern and highly effective warehouse management solution for businesses. In this article, we provide information to help you optimize your business inventory.

Benefits of inventory management using QR

When you apply QR code inventory management to your business, you will see the unexpected benefits it brings. First of all, this helps businesses reduce inventory costs with absolute accuracy, real-time inventory visibility and lower safety stock levels. In addition, it will help retailers automatically import or export invoices quickly with absolute accuracy. Since all manual import and export operations or warehouse inventory will be replaced by automation, it will save you manpower as well as time.

QR code in inventory management also helps businesses with overview management thanks to the feature that allows key managers in the company to control the company’s goods information at any time. This saves time in business administration.

 Moreover, QR code also allows businesses to manage multiple warehouse locations; proactive in production as it gives alerts when products in stock are running low and automation integrated with the production department helping suppliers to prepare necessary materials for production planning. This helps to reduce the operating costs of the business and increase the efficiency of working capital. 

Implementing QR code inventory management

To proceed with the application of QR codes to inventory management in your business, the first thing you need to do is to comply with the regulations on goods inspection. You need to train employees in controlling incoming and outgoing goods to ensure compliance with the requirements of the business. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to regulations on goods storage, inventory control and goods management. After defining the regulations, it is necessary to proceed with the installation of suitable applications that can work with QR codes and conduct tracking of goods in the warehouse through this QR code.

One way to optimize QR code inventory management is to use applications or supporting software. ConnectPOS is a great support tool for your business to conduct it. This software allows scanning and retrieving information of goods from QR codes, thereby giving options with suitable goods to optimize business. 

Nowadays, it’s easy to generate QR codes for inventory for free. Free QR Codes refer to static QR codes that you can generate. However, a static QR code is not recommended when your business uses it for inventory purposes because it is a fixed type of QR code that cannot be edited and tracked. With this type of QR code, you will not be able to experience it comfortably because there is no integration with other applications and software.

To generate QR codes for inventory management, you can visit QR code generator websites, select the type of QR code solution you need, and note that select a dynamic QR code so you can track and edit. Then customize your QR code and do a test scan. If there is no problem with the QR code, you can download and use it immediately.


QR code inventory management brings huge benefits to businesses in warehousing processes. Contact us for more information about this payment method.

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