Mobile money: The path to omnichannel in South Africa Lana D August 4, 2022
Mobile money: The path to omnichannel in South Africa

In a tech-centered world like these days, when the path to buying in South Africa can begin or complete whenever and wherever customers want and on any device, it has been crucial for firms to deliver a smooth service experience. Omnichannel eCommerce is a kind of retail that builds in the various shopping methods accessible to shoppers, for example, via smartphone, online, or in person. What is great is that mobile money is the path to omnichannel in this country. Read on to find more about mobile money South Africa.

Why is omnichannel eCommerce important?

90% of users of multiple devices turn them on about 3 times daily to finish a task. Businesses that work to help shoppers end those tasks smoothly stand to drive cross-channel sales.

Hence, as a tech-driven business, you should walk prospects through the shopping journey with an omnichannel experience and have an edge over your rivals. Making purchaser journeys frictionless, both offline and online, increases customers’ chances of making the best, most informed choices and making repeat purchases.

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On top of that, when your store adopts omnichannel eCommerce, its sales will most likely improve and customer satisfaction be higher. At the same time, you can gain an all-in-one view of stock, purchases, customers, etc.

The question now is what is the path to omnichannel? When it comes to South Africa, it should be mobile money.

Mobile money South Africa: The path to omnichannel in this country

Mobile money means financial services and transactions that can be conducted with a mobile phone and other mobile devices. As you may notice, payment apps on phones have taken a big position in omnichannel marketing, implying that the market has grown significantly to draw sellers in. Frost & Sullivan says that the mobile money transaction value in sub-Saharan Africa achieved more than 640 million USD in 2014 and the number has increased over time. Understandably, mobile payment sales improve as a result of the enhancement in the number of technology users.

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Importantly, business owners have a good idea of how mobile money South Africa has become a great alternative to the economics of conventional practices. The capability of searching, seeking, engaging, upselling, cross-selling, buying, and rewarding entirely through mobile payment platforms, whether it is conducted online or offline, is appealing to shoppers. Concurrently, this gives you a special capability of capitalizing on a personalized relationship developed for a particular customer. More specifically, when combined with content filtering subject to customer buying history, and geolocation services, among others, mobile money South Africa is valuable to improve transaction behavior in a fashion that is advantageous to any ecosystem part.

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In conclusion, the prevalence and benefits of mobile money South Africa are undeniable. It is the path to omnichannel in this country. People are not fond of encountering fraudulent transactions; that is why mobile money has paved a way for them to enjoy their shopping and secure themselves. For more information and help in this regard and even more, call us right now.

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