The Outstanding Magento POS In France

Implementing a robust POS system such as ConnectPOS is essential for French retailers to boost efficiency and performance in their Magento stores

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Magento POS for French retailers

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Magento POS for stores in France

Track everything your Magento stores is doing in France

  • Constantly synchronize orders, products, tax rates and inventory from stores and warehouses across France into the POS system.
  • Record accurate stock levels at every single time period to timely have solutions to inventory problems.
  • Enables French retail owners to develop a smooth and flawless sales process in Magento stores in both online and offline mode.
Magento POS for beauty salon in France

Let your customers in France to quickly and personally create order or make purchase in your Magento stores

  • Provide French consumers with modern and convenient shopping experience such as buy online and drop stores to pick up their purchased items.
  • Support in store staff to quickly accept and process refund or exchange requests even for online orders.
  • Better satisfy French shoppers by developing a 3 step checkout to minimize the number of steps required when making orders in your Magento stores.
Magento POS for French supermarkets

Adopt the latest technology to develop a unique shopping experience in France

  • Develop a personal mobile app for French customers to check products information and self checkout by scanning barcodes.
  • Support in store buyers to review their shopping cart in the checkout stages with wireless second screens.

ConnectPOS - an excellent cloud based Magento POS for the French market


Report the accurate stock level after every counting

Real Time Sync

Constantly synchronize data from stores and warehouses into the POS system


Support customers look for product information and self checkout using a mobile app

Click and Collect

Purchase online and drop at store to receive items or make further requests


Enable business owners to customize their system based on their needs

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