Magento Open Source vs Magento Commerce. What is the best suite for you?

Magento is a popular eCommerce platform these days as it offers the perks of open source code and dedicated eCommerce features. But it will not be much of a difference if you choose the unsuitable version. Between Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce, what is the best suite for you? In this post, you will learn.

Definition of Magento Open Source

Also referred to as Magento Community Edition, Magento Open Source is the Magento platform’s free edition. It offers a good framework with flexibility for eCommerce website development.

Definition of Magento Commerce

Also referred to as Magento Enterprise Edition, Magento Commerce is Magento’s paid version that brings more cutting-edge custom features and capabilities to the table. These should help with website performance and UX. 

Magento Open Source vs Magento Commerce: A comparison


You will get charged an extra $2.000 annually for the included hosting service if you use Magento Commerce. This ensures the constant update and upgrade of your website system, enabling the site to deal with high traffic faster. 

In comparison, the Open Source version gives you the freedom to choose a hosting provider that satisfies your business’s budget and needs.


Compared to Magento Commerce, the Open Source comes with fewer features as it is a free edition. For example, both have integrated checkout, payment, and delivery, global sales support, and catalog management. But business tracking dashboard, page builder, customer segmentation, etc., are absent in the Open Source. That said, you can create the functions you need yourself by leveraging Magento extensions.


When it comes to the investment cost of the Open Source, it is lower than the paid version. For example, its hosting fee is $10 per month or above, while Magento Commerce is $2000 per year. Its user license cost is free; meanwhile, Magento Commerce is at least $22.000 per year. 

Yet, because both share the same technology infrastructure, the costs of extensions and interfaces are estimated similarly. For instance, both have the exact extension cost of $60 – $600/ea.

Technical support

Magento Commerce version offers worldwide technical support assistance, for instance, cloud service integration. Meanwhile, the free version does not get direct assistance from the platform’s technical department. 

Magento Open Source vs Magento Commerce. What is the best fit for you?

The Open Source is the best bet for newbies to eCommerce, small and medium-sized companies, startups, and even big firms that have not needed the paid edition’s cutting-edge functionality system yet. The reasons are:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Essential business features
  • Allowing you to build fundamental features before gradually improving them.

In comparison, Magento Commerce is ideal for large firms. The reasons are:

  • Specialized Hosting Service for Websites
  • Sophisticated functional systems like Delivery Process Management and Advanced Marketing to cater to worldwide sales demands.

In conclusion, we hope you can discover what is the best suite for you after checking this comparison between Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. For more support in implementing eCommerce businesses, contact us right now.

Lana D

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