Grow Your Food And Drink Store With The Leading Magento POS

ConnectPOS offers powerful point-of-sale solutions that support food and drink businesses
Discover the power of ConnectPOS on Magento
Have excellent inventory organization tools
  • A powerful Magento POS for liquor helps you organize your inventory in a systematic way. Easily check and filter items by flavors, bottles, or volumes.
  • Stay updated with the latest inventory changes in other store locations, thanks to real-time synchronization.
  • Assign nearby warehouses to specific store locations. Re-stock your sold-out products as soon as possible.
Understand your business and consumer behaviors better
  • Make personalized food and drink recommendations based on customers’ purchasing habits.
  • Have more than 20 auto-generated sales reports at hand for future analysis.
  • Build a strong and secure customer database for marketing and loyalty programs.
Offer great flexibility in checkout and payments
  • Support various payment types, including cash, credit/debit cards and split tenders.
  • Provide quote management tools for customers who purchase in larger quantities for bigger projects.
  • Allow buyers to self-checkout during rush hours.
What makes ConnectPOS stand out as a food & drink POS?
Real-time Synchronization

Stay updated with the latest changes in multiple store locations

Well-Organized Inventory

Flavors, brands, volumes or bottles - all are monitored via your POS system

No Hidden Fee

Only pay directly to third-party payment providers

Round-The-Clock Support

By our professionally trained staff, without any charge

Mobile POS

Provide service anywhere you go

Flexible Payment Options

Support single payment (cash or cards) and split tenders

Ready to become better at selling food and drink with our Magento POS?