Loyalty schemes bring your consumers back Quinn T. April 25, 2022
Loyalty schemes bring your consumers back

For businesses, especially SMEs, it is not easy to run marketing and advertising programs to attract new customers. Therefore, it is important to secure their business to retain the old users, which is one of the reasons for the birth of loyalty schemes. In this article, we would like to provide vital information about loyalty schemes for your businesses to apply.

What are loyalty schemes?

Loyalty schemes are loyalty programs used by businesses to create benefits and attract loyal customers to their brands. Loyalty schemes are designed to encourage repeat business, give people rewards for store or brand loyalty (hence the name), and bring customers to the business.

What are loyalty schemes?

Why do loyalty schemes bring customers back? 

Stop competing on price with competitors

Today, it is very easy for customers to compare different prices. If they only think about the products you sell instead of your brand, they will only participate in the ultimate price race and it will seem like the best sellers. The bigger business will win this race. Loyalty schemes will help you break out of the price competition by connecting with the emotions of your customers and giving your brand a differentiating effect.

Increase the customer lifetime value

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the net profit derived from the overall relationship your business maintains with customers. With loyalty schemes, your business can find the exact CLV for each of its customers. With all the statistics you gather, you can inform solid strategies for retaining your customers. These schemes also help you to understand the needs of your customers and help businesses provide the right suggestions so that the customer’s purchasing decision is more clearly defined.

Build relationships

These schemes help businesses retain their customers, the data of this program helps you to get important information such as order history, website activity, visits or information like customers’ birthdays or anniversaries and then build strong relationships with them. These will help create a bond with your customers, make them feel loyal to your business, and will feel your appreciation for them.

Starting loyalty schemes 

Businesses today should implement and improve their loyalty schemes, especially initiating loyalty programs.

To start their loyalty rewards programs, businesses need to consider and ask questions such as whether this program will meet their long-term business needs? How can a business ensure a seamless fit with its brand identity and what do customers want from a loyalty program?

In addition, when there is information in the loyalty program, businesses also need to consider the appropriate use of information. Using the information and providing answers to the above questions will help your business get started building and launching the program. By using a platform dedicated to loyalty programs, you have the freedom to create a unique program with ease.

ConnectPOS is a great tool that helps your business manage customers’ data to do loyalty programs. Besides, ConnectPOS also supports the use of loyalty program settings from your backend with available extensions from reliable providers. 


Loyalty schemes always give businesses great benefits in terms of brand recognition and bringing back customers. 

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