Learn how smart locker can transform customer experience Lana D June 13, 2022
Learn how smart locker can transform customer experience

The importance of the smart locker is undeniable, especially during peak periods when the figures show many people purchasing online. In this post, we will learn how a smart locker can transform the customer experience.

What is a smart locker?

Smart lockers refer to distribution and storage systems with top-notch security. They enable automating package options, alerts, and shipping thanks to their built-in sensor networks and computers. For instance, as for IT equipment, these lockers allow the IT Service Teams to secure, handle, and distribute hardware fast and with ease.

Why do online retailers need the smart locker?

With goods from every aisle being available for online purchase, for instance, attires, cleaning items, groceries, and so on, the need for more convenient and seamless shipping systems has become higher as such. Smart lockers meet all the requirements and that is why they are satisfying this demand.

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As you already know, the conventional approach of bringing items to purchasers was direct shipping to their home doors. Yet, with today’s number of goods, the procedure is too hard to handle. Also, there are more and more parcel thieves. So, it is necessary to find an alternative way. This was particularly crucial for big suburbs where the cost of last-mile shipments has been higher and these are not really productive because of the long time needed for delivery. What is the alternative way? Smart lockers!

How can a smart locker transform customer experience?

Simple to implement

It is popular as a good solution that is simple to implement. Orders are shipped and kept in secure lockers placed in simple-to-access locations. Purchasers are able to access their order packages in this intelligent locker through a code used only once sent right to their phone. After you have an order picked up from the locker, you can have the compartment utilized again for the next order. A smart tracking system keeps an eye on the collection and deposit status and there are 100% new, safe codes for access for a single shipment. 

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This enables a smooth procedure that the lockers are utilized to the best they can as the single compartments have no designation that remains unchanged indefinitely. Purchases find it useful as they have goods shipped to a simple-to-access and safe location. Also, businesses can save a lot of money on delivery fees.

A good variation on the BOPIS approach

It tends to be a good variation on the BOPIS (aka buy online and pick up in-store) approach. These two approaches have some differences. For instance, BOPIS lockers are placed at or really close to the retail stores. Meanwhile, intelligent locker installations are often in convenient places where several carriers and retail businesses share them. So, it is more convenient for shoppers to utilize them.

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In conclusion, we hope that you now learn more about how a smart locker can transform the customer experience. What started as an experiment in innovation now turns into a good solution that many companies rely on. For more information about it, contact us.

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