Stock Mapping on MSI

Medium and large businesses normally allocate their stock to multiple warehouses for fulfillment and cost optimization purposes. The only assigned tool for users, in this case, is the Multi Source Inventory (MSI) application from ConnectPOS.

In order to utilize the limited given warehouse/location, MSI provides you with the Stock Mapping feature which creates multiple smaller unit warehouses to map with your existing E-commerce warehouse/location.

Stock Mapping feature

  • Stock mapping allows users to create smaller warehouse units from the default central warehouse given by the E-commerce platform. This helps you to allocate your inventory more efficiently and accurately because MSI separates stock and assigns them to particular warehouses, instead of mixing all information from different outlets.
  • Each warehouse unit can connect with a separate outlet on the POS system, facilitating the centralization of inventory management.

Sync warehouses from the platform

After installing the Multi Source Inventory application, the information about each warehouse on E-commerce platform will be automatically synced, so that you can manage your warehouses digitally in the system.

How to proceed with Stock Mapping

  1. Install and launch the MSI app. MSI will automatically get all information from your E-commerce platform and create corresponding Stock Mapping by default. Each E-commerce warehouse on MSI will be mapped with its own inventory.
Default Stock Mapping is created.

2. Within the Stock Mapping detail, users can map the stock to any other smaller unit warehouses created in MSI by ticking the checkboxes.

An E-commerce warehouse can be attached to multiple smaller unit warehouses created within the MSI app.

How to create a unit warehouse

Step 1: Access Menu > Warehouses > All Warehouses > Create

Step 2: Fill in the required information

Step 3: In Menu > Products > All Products, when creating or editing products, users can allocate each product to the corresponding warehouses created within MSI.