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Sales History

Sales History, or Order List, is where you can find all the orders made by the current registers as well as the other registers and stores, even your webstore. In this area, you and your store staff can view sale details, refund and exchange, reprint and email receipts or retrieve and complete layaway orders.

Sales History

The Order List is made up of three main sections: the search bar, the search filters and the list of sales. For more information on these three sections read on below:

Search bar

At the top you will find a search bar. You can enter an order ID (Client Order ID or Magento Order ID) to find a specific order, or a customer name to find all the orders that customer has made with this register. To view the full purchase history of a specific customer (including all in-store and online orders), tick the small box next to “Search online” at the end of the search bar.

Sales History



The search filters can be very useful for you to expand or narrow the search results, navigate through the order list quickly. Here, you can filter by a specific date or date range, by payment status, shipment status, and sync status.

Sales History


List of sales

Below the filters are the list of sales. By default, the list will show all the orders made with this register within the last 7 days and their basic information. You can change this using the search bar and the filters.

For a more detailed look at an order, click on it. The details of the order will appear on the right: the products involved, the payments applied, etc. You can also find the information such as date & time, status of the order and Magento Order ID by clicking the “+” icon. (Note: Magento Order ID is different from Client Order ID. Magento Order ID can be used to look up the order in Magento backend and POS, while Client Order ID can only be used in POS)

Sales History

Expanding the order will also reveal some sale management options, including: duplicate the order, refund, change the status of the order, add the remaining payment to a layaway order, reprint and resend receipts.

For more information on these actions, when to use them, check out the section below:

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