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Import products

ConnectPOS supports all types of Magento products. After you install and activate API successfully, ConnectPOS will start pulling your product data to POS, including both products & categories. Any changes in you made in any product in Magento back-end, such as special pricings and stock status, will be updated immediately to ConnectPOS.

If you want to add a new product to cart but it’s not available in Magento yet, you can use Custom Sale. Orders with Custom Sale will still be synced to Magento as normal but please note that Custom Sale product won’t be added to Magento product list.

Add/ Remove products

If you add or remove a product or a category in Magento back-end, the changes will be synchronized to ConnectPOS in real time.

For the time being, you can’t directly add or remove a product or a category in Magento from ConnectPOS.

Update product details

Product details such as images, variants, stock quantity and status, prices must be updated in Magento back-end first. Then ConnectPOS will automatically update them according to changes in POS.

In case you update a large number of products in Magento, you need to perform the following steps to ensure that all the changes have been updated to ConnectPOS:

1. From the side menu, select Flush Cache > Advanced > Magento Cache > press Delete
2. In Advanced, open Client Database > press Flush Client DB
3. Press Back, the POS will auto download the newest product data again.

Search product

In POS, you can search for a product using its attributes: name, ID, SKU, … For product name, you can even search using only the first letters of each word, for example: if you search for White Jacket, you can type wj in the search bar.

You can also search by barcode scanning provided that barcode is one of the product attributes in your Magento. For details on how to connect your POS to an external barcode scanner, please go here.

Product Display

There are two views in ConnectPOS: Grid View and List View. You can easily change between these two views by clicking the icons.

Grid View


List View

You can choose to show or hide the disabled and out-of-stock products in POS in SettingsPOS Settings > Product & Category


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