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Select Payment Methods

You manage all of your store’s payment methods in Payments area. For instruction on how to set up payment methods, visit Payments Setup

By default, ConnectPOS enables both Split Tenders and Layaway. You can choose to enable or disable these features by going to Settings > POS Settings > Checkout from your Sell Screen.

Split Tenders

Enabled payment methods (which are setup in configuration) are displayed when you enter Checkout screen. When a customer checks out, s/he can choose to pay for the order using one or different methods.

Select Payment Methods


When your customers don’t bring enough money, let them make a deposit and pay for the rest later instead of seeing them walk away and (likely) never come back for that order.

To accept a deposit:

  1. On Checkout screen, select the payment method(s) they want to make a deposit with
  2. Click “Partial”

Select Payment Methods

And done! Now you can even print or email the partial-paid receipt to the customers as a friendly reminder.

When the customers come back, you can go to Order List and find their partial paid order (To learn how to find a specific order in the Order List, go HERE). To add the remaining amount to the order:

  1. Go to Order List, find the order you need
  2. Click Add Payment
  3. Choose the payment method(s) and add the remaining amount
  4. Click COMPLETE

Select Payment Methods

Pay with Reward Points

ConnectPOS supports paying with Reward Points (aka Store Credit). Reward Points will be displayed on checkout screen as an option that can be selected, and only applied to a specified customer (not a guest customer). Reward Points will be deducted directly from the amount to be paid.

In the current version, ConnectPOS is integrated with 3rd party extension named “Reward Points” from Aheadworks to handle Reward Point feature (supported version is 1.0.0 for Magento 2).


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