Basic User Guide for Multi Source Inventory

In this article, let us walk you through some currently available features for Multi Source Inventory application.

Products & Categories Management

After installing Multi Source Inventory application, all products on your E-commerce platform will be automatically synchronized to the system with basic information including: Name, SKU, Price, Status (on your E-commerce platform) and Quantity.

All categories are also synchronized with quantity for each category to update in real-time. Category name, Status and Description are available to update.

Warehouses Management

Warehouses are shown with the ability to update each warehouse’s information. In the long run, warehouses will be updated with storage usage percentages for you to keep track of how you’re having your inventories stored.

Purchase Orders Management

Purchase orders are easily managed on one page with Order status and Payment status to be updated with your transactions.

You can create a new purchase order by hitting “Create” and fill in the necessary information as follows:

Suppliers Management

Suppliers are managed by their information added and type, which later on will be used to add custom pricing, tax, rules…

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