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Manage Your Account

From your Account page, you can update your plan as well as your billing information. Regarding your staff accounts, see User Management.

In this article:

  • Update your plan
  • Update your billing information
  • Update your email address

Update your plan

If you are on a free trial and decide to sign up for a plan, or if you are looking to change the plan that you are on, go to Account > License in your Admin Area.

If you update your plan, an invoice is issued immediately reflecting only the subscription fee for your new plan. The price of your previous plan is prorated and applied against the cost of your new subscription for the month that you change your plan.

View your current plan

To know when your trial expires or which plan you are on, go to Account > License

Change your plan

To change your current plan:

  1. Go to Account > License
  2. Click Adjust Plan
  3. Choose your new plan and the billing cycle. Please make sure that you’ve read the information on your new plan and billing cycle carefully before processing to the next step.
  4. Click Check out

You will receive an email from us telling you that you’ve just changed your plan. We will stop charging you for the previous plan and begin charging for the new one.

Update your card information

If your credit card number changes, make sure that you update it in your account.

To update your credit card details:

  1. Log in as the account owner
  2. From your admin dashboard, click Account, then click Payment Method.
  3. In Your Card Information section, click Change/ Add Card Information
  4. Complete the card information fields, then click Confirm. When the new information is saved, you will return to the Dashboard.

Update your email address

In case you want to change the email address you use to register and login, please contact us so we can help you. Some additional information may be required so we can make sure that it’s you that make the request.

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