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Key features

Key features

ConnectPOS is designed to fit with every angle of Magento, including both Magento 1 and 2. It aims to help Magento merchants realize omnichannel retail model and ensure a seamless, consistent shopping experience for your customers.

Thus, ConnectPOS is equipped with powerful features for omnichannel:

  • One database with Magento: from product, customer, order to settings, you can rest assured that your customers will get the same experience online and offline.
  • Real time synchronization with Magento: any changes you make in Magento will take effect across all the sales channels so your customers can always access to the latest information.
  • Optimized process and high-speed performance: ConnectPOS’s speed is not affected by Magento: it is optimized for ease of use and speediness. You can order and check out in 3 clicks and load 10,000 records in under 30 seconds! It helps cut down cashiers’ time spent on training and customers’ time wasted on waiting.
  • Readiness to grow with your business: add and manage multiple outlets & registers (the number of outlets and registers vary according to different pricing plans). ConnectPOS can work on multiple devices (PC, Mac and iPad) and with a wide range of hardware and integrations, so you have the flexibility to choose devices when you open new stores.
  • Centralized data: with multiple stores, you need to rely on reports to know how your business is doing. ConnectPOS provides detailed reports with powerful filters and online and offline data in one place, so you can grasp the big picture. Should any problem arise, you can easily track down the causes and make timely decisions.

Some other features that ConnectPOS excels at:

  • Split Tenders using cash, manual and integrated card payments
  • Layaway and print/ email layaway receipt to customers as a reminder
  • Refund selected items or the whole order, using the original payment methods or refund to reward points (store credits)
  • Exchange directly on the selected order, no work-around or complicated process
  • Taxes are calculated directly and accurately, even in Offline Mode

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