Customize Sales Order Status 

Every eCommerce platform includes different default order statuses, but these may not suit the needs of every business type. In case you need to add in and change stages of your order processing, ConnectPOS and Multi Source Inventory enable creating and flexibly adjusting your sales order status. 

What can you do with custom order status?

You can easily create, filter and adjust custom status right in the ConnectPOS and Multi Source Inventory app.

How to customize order status in MSI

  1. Install the Multi Source Inventory app.
  2. Access Settings > Sales Orders

Create new status

  1. Type in the new label, select the desired color and click on the Add button to create your custom status.
  2. Click on the Publish checkbox to activate the new order status.

Filter the status

  1. Click on the Order status drop-down column
  2. Select the status you want to view

Edit the status

  1. Select the icon in the Action column of the order you want to adjust.
  2. Click on the pencil icon. Select the new status from the list of activated custom order statuses in the drop-down.

How to customize order status in POS

Your store must be linked with an MSI account to customize order status in the POS.

Create new status

  1. Install the ConnectPOS app.
  2. Access Multi Source Inventory from the side menu
  3. Repeat the same steps as in MSI 

Edit new status

  1. Access Settings > Order List. 
  2. Choose the desired order.
  3. Click on the pencil icon. A list of order statuses will appear in the drop-down, click to select the new order status.