Basic Modules In ConnectPOS

Modules are the advanced extensions that support any additional actions when proceeding with transactions in ConnectPOS. Based on the needs of your business, please contact us for the suggested module combination to optimize your specific business model.

How to install a new module?

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Module.
  2. Click on the “Install button to enable the desired module.
  1. Click on the “Remove” button to disable the module from your POS.

Order Processing

Allow placing order with out of stock products

Sometimes, your business may want to allow the products to be enabled with backorders due to a lack of inventory at that moment in the current warehouse/location. While re-stocking to the current warehouse/location, you still allow your customers to purchase out-of-stock products. 

POS Order Number

In order to differentiate orders from POS with orders from different sources, you can set up a custom order number as preferred. This module is effectively used for the purpose of managing orders to optimize your resources.

Assign Location To Order

For some businesses with only one location or warehouse, a location ID can be added for every order so that store managers or staff can easily track the order details when needed.

Quote Management

For products or services with large order value, you or your customer tend to request to generate a quotation, which details how much a product or service will cost. Normally, the quotation is provided before a product or service is purchased.

Allow selecting multiple warehouses during checkout

For flexibility when checking out and fulfilling orders, you can assign warehouses to each product in the cart. This helps the inventory manager to better track the inventory for each warehouse.

Discounts Rules

Some discounts can only be applied in the retail stores with direct purchase. Customers can be offered a fixed value, percentage or any promotion programs that you can think of. This module is available in Offline mode only.

2nd Screen

In order to better interact with your customers, this module helps to allow them to see the order details or view the advertisement of your store in a different browser. By using the other browser to access and entering a pre-generated 6-digit token, the second screen display will be linked immediately.

Send Invoice

Some customers can request an e-invoice to be sent to their email besides the paper receipt or invoice. In order to fulfill this, this module is added for you to set up and send e-invoices to notify customers about an owed amount for a product or service rendered. Normally, the invoice is provided after a product or service is sent to the customer.


Some businesses, like restaurants or bars, encourage tipping as a way for customers to appreciate the product or service provided. Tips are offered to each salesperson and are recorded within the ConnectPOS system.

Price Groups

To establish different prices for different groups of products, ConnectPOS provides this module which allows you to apply by each transaction. When selecting the equivalent group pricing for the transaction, the pricing in the cart will automatically be updated according to the setup earlier.

Serial Number

For products like automobiles, electronics, appliances or consumer goods, cosmetics, a serial number or batch number is required in order to identify and track the product’s manufacturing information.

Custom Sales Split

Especially for businesses that prioritize the sales activities, ConnectPOS provides you with the module to record and calculate the sales commissions for each salesperson. Not only is it a common way to motivate and reward salespeople, commissions can also be designed to encourage specific sales behaviors.

Taxes Setting

In case ConnectPOS is functioning in a disconnected internet connection, the pre-setup taxes in ConnectPOS are applied automatically to ensure the transactions have properly proceeded. This module is available in Offline mode only.

Gift card

Gift card is one of multiple ways to complete payment with a given value loaded. Customers can choose whether to buy a gift card for themselves or to send it as a gift to someone else, in order to spend at accepted locations or with allowed products/services.

Wishlist King

With this module, you are able to sync the wishlist of your customers among platforms along their whole journey with your brand, including your website, physical store or any other sources that Wishlist King supports. This module is applicable for Shopify only. Read more at

Order Notification

Besides managing in-store orders, businesses also need to be notified of the online orders in order to complete them and track any inventory change in real-time. Order notification provides push notifications for Click & Collect orders and Online orders with delivery. This module is applicable for the Magento platform only.

Repair & Maintenance

For businesses that also offer repair and maintenance services, this module helps to log the order with products needed to be repaired or maintained. After the service is fulfilled, you can add in additional fees including spare parts and/or labor fees to complete the transaction. This module is applicable for the Magento platform only.


Offline Mode

Products are downloaded to your device and saved to the browser’s storage, which makes it easier and faster to search and perform sales transactions efficiently.

Category Control

For businesses that have floor-selling activities, each salesperson may need to manage some assigned categories by section or area for more effective interaction with the POS system. Therefore, ConnectPOS allows you to enable or disable categories by register.

Stock Management

Transfer Stock

For the purpose of manufacturing, selling, destroying goods…, inventory is required to be allocated among warehouses. By proceeding with stock transfer, the sent and received stock are recorded for you to keep track precisely.

Adjust Inventory

As the inventory may not be reflected correctly between the E-commerce platform and ConnectPOS, a direct update within ConnectPOS is helpful for the owner or store manager to ensure the inventory is being updated properly.

Stock Take

In order to make sure the system-recorded amount matches the actual on-hand amount, businesses need to perform stocktake frequently. This module supports you to count and compare your inventory in your business, and to see the difference in quantity and value.

Adjust Price

In order to adjust the original price of a product without accessing the E-commerce admin site, ConnectPOS offers this feature for the owner or store managers to make changes directly via ConnectPOS. This module is applicable for the Magento platform only.

Customer Loyalty


Enabling S-Loyalty integration, which is applicable for Shopify and BigCommerce only. As the business owner, you can view and record rewards with loyalty codes and points which helps to engage your customer with your brand. Read more at

Loyalty Lion

Enabling the Loyalty Lion integration that is applicable for Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento, which empowers the relationship between you and your customers with suitable loyalty programs. ConnectPOS helps you to view and record rewards with loyalty codes and points. Read more at

Store Credit

With the value of the product that is not eligible for a refund or the excess amount after purchase, customers can save it as store credit. This amount can be used to buy other goods at the store.

Customer Groups

When adding a new customer into your database or editing an existing customer with ConnectPOS, you can assign your customers into groups. This module will be further applied with equivalent actions like group discount, tax, promotion…


The Yotpo module can be applied for Shopify and BigCommerce platforms. It provides SMS marketing, customer loyalty programs or referral programs. Read more at

Glow Loyalty

Providing award points for orders, occasions and incentives for referrals. Available for Shopify only. Read more at

Hardware – Printer

Receipt Printer Bluetooth

For receipt printers using Bluetooth to connect, this module is used for pairing the hardware with the device used for ConnectPOS. This module only works for mobile devices.

EPSON Printer

For hardware that is manufactured by EPSON, ConnectPOS offers a separate module to support pairing with the device to print receipts. Note, only install either Receipt Printer Bluetooth or Epson Printer at once.


Reloadly: Mobile Topup

For businesses that also offer mobile credit top-ups like groceries or convenience stores, this module functions as helpful assistance. Read more at

Click Box

For businesses that also offer mobile credit top-ups like groceries or convenience stores, this module functions as helpful assistance. This module is available for Mexican clients only. Read more at

Session Timeout

In order to ensure security when your store staff accesses ConnectPOS, this module helps to automatically log the store staff out of POS after a period of time of inactivation with no interaction with the system (by second).