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Access to Sell Screen

How to access Sell Screen

If you haven’t had an account yet, you need to create an account first. See how to create an account.

When your account is activated, you can access Sell Screen directly by clicking ConnectPOS on the upper left corner.

Access to Sell Screen

Then you’ll be redirected to Sell Screen.

If you have an account already, there are two ways for you to access Sell Screen:

  1. Log in your Account page and click ConnectPOS on the upper left corner
  2. Go to and log in directly with your account ID and password

Select Website, Outlet and Register

The first time you access Sell Screen on a new device, you’re asked to choose the website, outlet and register respectively. Only enabled outlets and registers appear on this screen.

Access to Sell Screen

From this screen, you can go directly to Settings > POS Settings > Oulet & Register to edit the current outlets and registers or create new ones.

Change Website, Outlet & Register

From your Sell Screen, to change the website, outlet or register:

  1. Click Change Outlet in the menu
  2. The Selection Screen will appear for you to choose a website, an outlet or a register

Access to Sell Screen


What is a shift?

A shift is a period of time during which transactions take place in your store’s register. You use shifts to balance your cash drawer on a regular basis and hold staff accountable for the money they’ve handled.

How to open and close a shift?

Open a shift

At the start of your business day, you will need to open a new shift to start selling.

If there is no opening shift on the current register, you will see the message “There is no opening shift”. To open a new shift:

  1. Click OPEN button below the message
  2. Enter your cash float amount, add notes if necessary
  3. Click DONE

Access to Sell Screen

In case you don’t see the message and the button, you can open a new shift by going to Shift area. Here you can see if there is any shift opening. If no shift is opening, you will find an OPEN button on the upper left panel. Then follow the instruction above.

Close a shift

To balance your cash drawer accurately, you should close register shifts at regular intervals (for example, at the end of each day, or when a staff member’s shift ends).

When you close a shift, the amount of cash in the cash drawer and the expected balance should be the same.

To close the current shift:

  1. From sidebar menu of the Sell Screen, click Shift.
  2. Select the opening shift.
  3. Click CLOSE SHIFT
  4. A pop up will appear for you to fill in the counted amount of each payment method
  5. Enter the amount of cash takeout – the amount will be taken away from this register (if applicable)
  6. Add note if needed.
  7. Click CLOSE SHIFT
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