Kitchen display system: The Holy Grail of every modern restaurantLana DMay 2, 2022
Kitchen display system: The Holy Grail of every modern restaurant

As you may know, the restaurant sector has taken an active move to digital food ordering as well as online payments. Therefore, restaurant owners are finding the need to juggle orders of diners from multiple platforms smoothly. That is why a kitchen display system becomes more well-known. For more information about it, check out this article.

Kitchen display system definition

Kitchen display system means a digital display that takes the place of orders in a printed form in commercial kitchens. It has a smooth integration with a point of sale system. The purpose of this integration is to make a kitchen run optimal. For example, this helps smooth out communication and gives a constant view of every kitchen data.

In this aspect, you can not disregard the Kitchen Management System from ConnectPOS. It brings a lot of benefits to your kitchen. For example, this acts as a bridge between your dining place’s BOH (aka back of house) and FOH (aka front of house). You will have information input from the point of sale transferred smoothly to the proper station for a seamless operation.


Course management

The kitchen display system enables the grouping of beverages and other products. Also, it enables delivering all of them from the kitchen to many tables. As a result, your staff does not have to travel a lot around the restaurant.

Meal pacing

The system guarantees that every dish in an order is well prepared simultaneously. How? By beginning with gearing up for items with more extended cooking times as well as delaying things whose cooking times are not long.


The kitchen display system also helps with routing food to a particular preparation station, for example, salad stations, grill ones, and so on. With this system, your employees are also able to find recipes and procedure instructions to guarantee consistent presentation of meals.

Benefits of the kitchen display system

Benefits of the kitchen display system

Analytics with details

Because every customer order flows via this system, you can gain an ultimate view of your business’s performance. Information collected is able to give insights into many crucial things. For example, it informs you about the time taken by the kitchen to complete an order. You can utilize such data to make rostering optimal as well as carry out targeted training.

Integrated ordering

This system allows orders from your website to get routed right to your kitchen display. Therefore, you do not have to ask your employees to re-enter customer orders manually into the point of sale software.

Reduced waste

With this system, you can decrease paper waste by removing paper tickets. Furthermore, it helps with reduced waste related to food, because it gets rid of miscommunication between the kitchen and the staff. For example, with it, there will not be cases where you misunderstand a dietary demand from diners and reflect that misunderstanding in the dishes you serve.

In conclusion, the kitchen display system is able to smooth out ordering and communication. For more information, call us.

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