Keep your warehouse fully stocked with shelf monitoring Steven P May 13, 2022
Keep your warehouse fully stocked with shelf monitoring

The management of traditional retail is difficult and time-consuming for retailers, especially in controlling the warehouse and responding to its problems. But today, there are many solutions for this management. In this article, we would like to provide some information about shelf monitoring which helps your warehouse always be fully stocked.

What is shelf monitoring?

Shelf monitoring includes smart shelves that help managers intelligently manage inventory and ensure goods are always refilled. This system is done through AI algorithms, providing precise insights into warehouse visibility. Companies will be able to track and measure the lead times of out-of-stock situations, which will lead to better in-store product placement. 

How does shelf monitoring work?

Managers can simply click on an image of all relevant shelves and fit it into the retail price monitoring system. The shelf monitoring system will use the right algorithms, combined with AI and other advanced technologies, which are improved and upgraded by version to identify and analyze even the most distorted images.

These smart shelves allow field representatives to be flexible when it comes to data collection, so when there is any problem with the goods or the shelf such as products running low, confusion between products or technical problems with shelves, all will be reported to the central management system and given appropriate handling methods. This system will help field workers by giving them the flexibility to take all possible shots in any direction, light or position. Such flexibility is allowed because the meter on the shelf is not dependent on a standard uniform image to give accurate results. It is important that such alarms are recognized quickly, making the resolution process easier and faster.

Benefits of shelf monitoring

Shelf monitoring offers many benefits to retail managers and warehouse managers. 

First of all, the most obvious benefit is that these shelves will help your store always have enough stock (as it will give an alarm when the stock is running out), thus helping the business to improve performance. Therefore, the shelf will help retailers to save budget, time and resources as only less time is needed to troubleshoot problems alarmed by automatic shelves, thereby reducing unnecessary errors.

In addition, it will also help retailers comply with service agreements, as all images collected by dealers are analyzed regardless of the lighting, position and orientation of the product on the shelf. This helps retailers avoid false audit reports because even if their shelves are not stacked well in terms of placement and lighting, these will detect all the objects on the shelves, thereby reducing the rate of non-compliance due to poor data collection.

Ultimately, brands will benefit the most from this racking system because they will be able to analyze all types of images from retail inspections using the shelf monitoring features provided for shelf object detection. It will help cut down on the time lag between input data and final insights. This allows the company to take timely corrective action, if needed.

Multi Source Inventory from ConnectPOS is a great tool to support warehouse management. It is also a good tool to help you connect to smart shelves and conduct product management to ensure your business performance.

Keep your warehouse fully stocked with shelf monitoring


With the benefits it brings, we can fully expect that shelf monitoring will become popular in warehouses or retail chains. 

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