Introducing NetSuite WMS: The ultimate warehouse management solution hungvd February 27, 2023
Introducing NetSuite WMS: The ultimate warehouse management solution
Introducing NetSuite WMS: The ultimate warehouse management solution

Warehouse management is a big challenge because, for businesses with a large volume of goods, this will cost a lot of money and resources. Not only tracking and checking the number of products, but effective warehouse management must also include planning to use products from time to time and making predictions to coordinate with marketing or sales campaigns. Therefore, organizations need a tool to support this. In this article, we would like to introduce an ultimate warehouse management solution that is NetSuite WMS (Warehouse Management System).

Overview of NetSuite WMS

NetSuite WMS refers to an extensible inventory management system and tool. This solution is part of the cloud-based NetSuite platform. The platform also hosts other NetSuite systems such as NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), NetSuite CRM (Customer Relationship Management), eCommerce, and professional service automation. However, the software of NetSuite is an inventory management system designed explicitly by NetSuite for warehouse and distribution management operations. It provides advanced warehouse management features that improve operational efficiency and reduce warehouse operating costs such as inventory management, cost management, shipping integration, and order fulfillment as well as purchasing and supplier management.

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Introducing NetSuite WMS: The ultimate warehouse management solution

Features and Benefits of NetSuite WMS


NetSuite WMS can help businesses simplify warehouse management and distribution operations with its features such as barcode scanning, user-defined picking and receiving strategies (Putaway and Pick), picking and receiving systems, ordering goods, sorting, loading and unloading as required. What’s more, it provides other essential features such as cycle counting, batch numbering with FIFO (First-in First Out) and FEFO (First Expired First Out), tracking of shelf life and the expiration of shipments, and allowing multiple UPC (Universal Product Code) codes to be generated. Managers will receive notification of each order before shipping including accompanying permits, stock status, and labor productivity. In addition, the solution will assist with the arrangement and disposal of goods in the warehouse and support the production process.

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Introducing NetSuite WMS: The ultimate warehouse management solution


NetSuite WMS warehouse management system brings many benefits to businesses. First, thanks to its optimized support for routine warehouse operations through the use of leading methods such as intelligent picking and packaging, hand-held barcode scanning, cycle counting, and integration with the transportation system, businesses can reduce distribution costs. Specifically, users can save warehouse space, reduce cycle times, labor costs, and distribution costs, and improve ROI (Return on Investment).

In addition, this WMS can guide an organization through critical tasks from receiving and storing goods to picking and shipping most efficiently. When the goods are processed in the warehouse, each transaction is automatically updated in the system in real-time. This helps to maximize the operational efficiency of the business. Using this solution effectively, businesses can improve productivity, reduce operating costs and manage human resources effectively, thereby increasing competitiveness in the market.

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Introducing NetSuite WMS: The ultimate warehouse management solution

ConnectPOS is one of the point-of-sale solutions that supports the fastest connection to NetSuite’s WMS solution. This system offers powerful features to manage orders, control inventory, and optimize operational efficiency, which can suit all business types and needs.

Introducing NetSuite WMS: The ultimate warehouse management solution


NetSuite WMS is the optimal solution for large enterprises to streamline the warehouse management process. If your organization is looking for assistance connecting to this system, feel free to contact us.

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