ConnectPOS for BigCommerce

The perfect POS solution for BigCommerce retailers who works with multi-store and multi-inventory.

Empower your store management and maximize the profit.

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Why BigCommerce retailers choose ConnectPOS

Sync all your contacts, products, and order data

Benefits from an all-in-one solution

Easy and safe to scale up your business

Frictionless experience across every channel, and any device

Reliable customization to accommodate custom requirements

Expert support from our BigCommerce plus experts

BigCommerce + ConnectPOS: a partnership for success

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Built for businesses of all sizes, from small-and-medium to high-volume businesses, BigCommerce and BigCommerce Plus are the Ecommerce platforms that couple speed and reliability with the scalable foundation you need to grow bigger, faster.

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ConnectPOS focus on high-growth enterprises to help you easily manage your multi store business. We also apply cutting-edge technology (AI, Big Data, Real-time Image processing...) and move towards the omnichannel model to integrate sales channels, ensure single database and management process for both online and offline environment.

Empowering BigCommerce merchants

Grow your retail business with data-driven tools


Sync all customer, order and product data


Easily manage sales and inventory from all channels


Learn customer behaviour across channels


Enrich customer experience to increase ROI


Leverage latest technology for the future of retail

ConnectPOS is perfect for high-growth businesses

Multi Stores and Multi Warehouses

View the stock level at different stores. Manage multiple stores, channels, staff, customer and inventory all in one system.

Real time sync & easy stock transfer

Sync your physical stores in real time with your online business. Easily transfer stock between stores to meet customers' demand.

Leading integration to give you an all-in-one solution

Integrate with the world's leaders on payment, inventory & logistics, loyalty, gift cards... to maximize full power of the system