Increase Thanksgiving sales with 8 expert ways Steven P November 17, 2022
Increase Thanksgiving sales with 8 expert ways
Increase Thanksgiving sales with 8 expert ways

Making a statement amid a sea of advertising requires careful planning for Thanksgiving sales. Consider this. Every store, whether it be an eCommerce website or a physical location, advertises deals. Customers are looking for these right now. So how can you get their attention?

Make your holidays the best they can be by including these 8 strategies in your business plan.

Start Early for Thanksgiving sales

Increase Thanksgiving sales with 8 expert ways

You don’t have to wait for the Thanksgiving weekend to obtain bargains because sales have already started. Many retailers have Christmas refund and refund policies that include refunds for things that go on sale for cheaper later in the season. Retail businesses are giving discounts on products in almost every category.

For instance, between October 6 and December 24, you can give price-matching adjustments for everything purchased in-person or online. All you need to do is be proactive and save your receipts.

Promote the Right Products

The best-selling products will be discussed first. Shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday has changed to focus on the offer with the emergence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Customers choose the merchant that offers the best prices, thus you must ensure that your advertisements are not just attractive but also aggressive.

This is where anticipating your greatest sellers can be really helpful. First, by utilizing their inherent attractiveness, you may center your most lucrative sales and marketing around these products. Second, you may design an overall marketing plan for your store around them, using sales from popular items to make up for lower prices on more competitive items.

Stock Up

Increase Thanksgiving sales with 8 expert ways

A major setback can result from your products running out of stock during the holiday shopping season. Not only do you lose the transaction, but you also lose the consumer who had a negative experience. Better preparation and foresight would have prevented the distress completely. You can start by taking a look at your profits from this time last year, and from there, add in some forecasting and trend analysis.

You need to get started on maintaining inventory levels as soon as you can. Given manufacturer delivery timeframes and websites that accurately track stock levels, it is preferable to have a few weeks’ worths of buffer time in case of problems or delays.

Get Social

To learn about special offers and promotions, follow your favorite retailers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Retailers frequently provide special notifications for Thanksgiving sales discounts and promotions to customers who enjoy or follow them. And of course, sending SMS, tweets, and social media updates to your pals is a simple way to share Black Friday buying information with them as well.

Tailor Your Content Strategy

A wonderful technique to increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and incoming traffic is through blogs. Blogs are ideal for grabbing the attention of your prospective customers by talking about things that interest them, in addition to being a natural place to insert your important search engine keywords.

But during the Thanksgiving holiday, you should switch up your normal content strategy. One thing you should do is advertise your Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials. A brief blog post or video outlining the discounts you are offering and the dates are excellent for publicity and word-of-mouth.

Focus on your Abandoned Cart Rates

Increase Thanksgiving sales with 8 expert ways

Have you ever gone online to conduct some window shopping and started to remove items from your cart when a pop-up interrupted you? Whether it’s a survey about your buying preferences or an offer for a discount code, those pop-ups may be bothersome.

Pop-ups should be designed to catch your eye and lower cart abandonment rates. Give customers a chance to state their intentions or offer them a reward for finishing their purchase. Your abandonment rate is probably going to go down.

Prioritize Deal Promotions On-Site

Don’t forget about your devoted clients while using social media to connect with new customers. You should showcase your bargains on your own website in addition to external promotion, but not just anyplace. Use the best, most popular places on your website to highlight your holiday deals and offers.

The most productive screen “real estate” is found in places like the welcome screen or the banners area above the main navigation menu. To ensure that all of your visitors see the banners and adverts for your Thanksgiving sales, place them there.

Give A Free Gift with a Purchase

People enjoy having that sense of reward. By including a free present with their purchase, you may motivate your customers to take action. Additionally, they foster a feeling of goodwill that can encourage repeat business. When deciding what to give them, it’s crucial to consider your customer base.

Last but not least, contact us if you’d want more news and advice on expanding your business for Thanksgiving sales.

Increase Thanksgiving sales with 8 expert ways

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