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5 Tips To Increase Online Retail Orders

Online retail is an emerging trend and gradually becoming a necessary part of the modern retail process. Since nowadays, the majority of customers prefer buying items online rather than visit a nearby local store, especially after Covid 19 pandemic hits the world. If you have already owned a retail store online and hope to increase the quantity of orders, then this article is definitely for you. 

In this article, we would like to provide you some important tips which help you to increase online order volume. 

Give customers exclusive offers

To increase online retail orders, retailers should consider providing attractive pricing programs such as discounts, cost-plus pricing, hourly pricing etc. These programs will help the business increase customers traffic, which directly leads to higher order quantity.

Update and upgrade website

Customers may quickly leave your online store within a second if it is not designed with a user-friendly display and high page load speed. In other words, websites are a core factor in every retail process. Hence, it is a must that retailers regularly upgrade and update the website. 

Online store

Automate the process for a quick and simple shopping journey

As the market is very competitive, if you want to retain your customers at the retail online store, retailers should make sure to provide them with a simple and incredible shopping journey. A simple process not only supports online customers to fulfil their requirements but also allows retailers to easily and personally engage with their customers. Consequently, this will make a great contribution to develop your retail process. 

Add multiple payment and shipping methods

Depending on certain personal issues, each customer may have unique requirements. As a result, retailers should consider offering them different options for every aspect of the online shopping journey such as payments, delivery, etc as a tool to increase retail orders. For example, some love to pay cash on delivery whereas some ask for paying through online banking, or e-Wallet. Besides, debit and credit cards are also popular payment methods. And customers will obviously prefer online stores that offer them various options rather than one single payment method. 

Multiple payment methods

Take advantage of social media

Social media is always a beneficial networking and communication platform. With various social media platforms, retailers are able to connect with billions of potential customers. Customers who are already scrolling on networking sites can come across your online store or advertisement. In this way, your business might potentially become one of their choices in online shopping. Therefore, using multiple platforms for transactions can increase more online retail orders and revenue, if these platforms are appropriately used.

Besides, it is necessary that businesses follow customer behaviors closely through social media platforms to notify your customer constantly regarding your seasonal offers, gifts, coupon, and prize details.  

Final thought,

Online retail is now considered an important business model during the no-go period. However, when this market has gradually become much more competitive, retailers should carefully conduct an effective strategy with the aim of increasing online retail orders. 

If you have any questions about the online retail business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Lani B.

Lani B. is a content marketing intern at ConnectPOS. Taking interests in the e-commerce retail business, she has been updating with new technology solutions that empower retailers to thrive in this competitive market.

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