The impacts of digital menu boards upon kitchen sales Quinn T. April 27, 2022
The impacts of digital menu boards upon kitchen sales

The digital menu board is a fast and cost-effective solution for all kitchens and large restaurants. This technology is gradually becoming a popular trend and bringing many benefits to the kitchen business. In this article, we would like to provide information on the impact of digital menu boards on kitchen sales, thereby helping you apply this technology to your restaurant business. 

Benefits of digital menu boards 

Benefits to kitchen staff

With traditional menu designs, when your kitchen wants to add new menus or simply improve and upgrade the menu, you have to drop the new menus and redesign from the ground up. But when the digital menu boards are applied to menu design, your restaurant can easily add new menu items or have new updates on prices, interfaces, and dishes with just a few simple steps. Besides, this also makes it easy to advertise new items on the digital menu board. You can update content such as promotions and pictures of your new products.

In addition, it is important to keep the menu updated to suit the occasion and the ever-changing tastes of their customers. So, with digital menu boards, your kitchen can advertise test items without spending extra on new posters and signs. It’s also a good way to introduce both new and old customers to lesser-known menu items that they may have overlooked or been unaware of.

With the application of this digital menu technology, your kitchen will easily update, add and remove items from your menu, along with linking to the kitchen inventory to control the food in the kitchen. This will help you know which items are running low and away from featured ads. Furthermore, if there is too much stock for an item or a batch of food is about to expire, you can set the feature to sell more of the item first. This helps your kitchen save money and stay in business.

ConnectPOS is a great tool that can be used to connect to the digital menu boards in your kitchen to help you identify items that are out of stock and offer appropriate changes and recommendations to your customers.

Benefits to customers

For customers of the kitchen, traditional menus are often poorly prepared and because many people choose at the same time, choosing and ordering can be difficult and time-consuming. This slows down the customer order process. However, these customer issues will be solved with digital menu boards, which customers can easily view, select and quickly navigate through their ordering process.

An even more great thing that this menu board brings to customers is that it will provide some entertainment content such as games, and listening to music, which will help reduce customers’ waiting time and help customers feel less bored.

Digital menu boards are the most powerful tool to increase kitchen sales

With the goal of kitchens to focus on the taste and quality of the food and the customer experience, this menu board is a great solution and tool to help restaurants increase sales rapidly. This menu board promotes customers’ experience to make them make quick purchasing decisions, along with the updated images to bring more appeal and attract more consumers to the products. This is the tool that modern kitchens at restaurants need to apply immediately.


With the great benefits they bring, digital menu boards are playing an important and influential role for kitchen sales.

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